Br. Bugnolo’s August Appeal

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Tomorrow, I set out for Spain, to give conferences about how Pope Benedict XVI is still the Pope, how Catholics can and must oppose Globalism and the Great Reset, and to found a non-profit for the formation of Catholic men.

If you live in Spain or Portugal, please leave me your contact information, if you would like to meet me.

I have now the use of a Fiat Uno, which is property of the Ukrainian Charity I founded. I hope in Spain to find supporters for the humanitarian work we are doing in Ukraine under the aegis of Cross Azure ( But while this means travel is easier, it also means another 50 euro a day for gasoline, on long drives (It gets 40 miles to the gallon, but in Europe, gasoline is about $7 per gallon).

Of course, I am also hoping to found a chapter of Ordo Militaris Catholics in Spain, and have already found eager interest.

I won’t be eating in restaurants, so as to save money: I will shop in supermarkets and buy stuff for sandwiches.

I want to thank the benefactors last month who donated sufficient monies to support the rent of the Latin Mass Center, in the province of Rome, Italy, till December. I have told the owner, that I will renew the contract for another year: hoping as I do that you will all continue to help me in that apostolate too.

I ask you prayers for a priest and a monk who are considering declaring for Pope Benedict XVI.

In Italy, Andrea Cionci’s book, about the Ratzinger Code is now 2nd best seller. I helped him extensively in its preparation, but he took the leads I had found and ran with it much further. I see that work of mine in Italy, now finished, on this account.

For those who may not know, I am a Franciscan Brother, living like a hermit, who keeps private vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience according to the Rule of Saint Francis of Assisi (Regula Bullata). My immediate superior is Pope Benedict XVI. I am president of Ordo Militaris Inc., Helena, Montana, Cross Azure, of Kyiv, Ukraine, and L’Italia per gli Italiani, of Rome, Italy. All apostolates I do for the protection of Christians who are persecuted.

Here is how you can help me in my expenses in Spain:

Here is how you can help my apostolates:

Keep the Latin Mass Center / B16 Refuge for vocations open another year:

Support FromRome.Info:

You cannot support L’Italia per gli Italiani (Italy for Italians), because it is a political party, and in Italy, the law prevents foreign support. But also, if you are in Italy, you cannot support us, because all the Banks have refused us a bank account. Which shows that we are the true hope of Italy.

Help me and the US Veterans working with me, save lives in Ukraine by distributing IV Fluid to the wounded:

PHOTO CREDIT: The featured image, in which I appear, is a photo by Nuccio Rizzo, showing me and two of his grandsons walking along the tiny harbour of Santa Maria la Scala, at Acireale, Sicily, in August of 2022 A. D.. Used with permission. Nuccio is the inventor of the original Calzacalze, the device to help you put on your socks.

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7 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo’s August Appeal”

  1. Dear Brother Alexis.
    Have a safe journey through Spain, I do not know the shrines or places you will visit, but will be looking forward to any news you care to share with us. May I suggest that if you find yourself near Zaragoza, Spain you might visit the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar. I visited it in the 1990’s while on a deployment. The church was being restored at the time and I was not able to visit all the places in the church, but later I learned that the Basilica commemorates one or if not the first apparition of Our Lady The Blessed Virgin Mary (while she was alive) to St James at a time when he needed her support and encouragement.

    Regardless, a trip by ground will be a challenge. I will continue to have you in my thoughts and prayers for a fruitful mission and endeavor.

    God bless you and Our Blessed Virgin Mary protect you and The Archangels guide you.

  2. Dear Brother,

    Your article on WWIII recently was published on hetanderenieuws.n.: hence the second time you made it there……

    And: deborah birx wrote in her book: fauci and I made up together those virusrules: this means that no weffer can impose this nonsense on fellowcitizens any longer.
    She also confessed in that book that she has lied to President Trump…….. And proud that she is ………..

  3. Just a thought: would the owner of the property in Roma consider a kind of rent to own/owner financing construction?
    (like sometimes happens in the USA)

    If so, may be would (s)he agree then to that the rent to own would have started when you started to pay ………

    1. If I rented to own, I would have to own, and as a Friar I cannot own. But even if I were some sort of religious who could own, it would take more than 500 months…. I think the Lord will call me from this world first…

      1. It could be in the name of someone else who can own, who allows you to live there until it is your time to go ‘elsewhere’……

        And since your rent is paid by others, it could be one/more of those.

  4. and this was recently in a Dutch paper:
    the dung of 3 cows would be enough to provide a household with
    enough gas for showering and cooking a year long.

  5. Dear Brother Bugnolo,

    I would like to wish you a safe journey on your latest mission to Spain . You have done an excellent job in educating your readers about what is really going on in the Ukraine. I look forward to reports from the next location.

    You have certainly proven your case that the conflict in the Ukraine is a contrived war by the globalists to primarily destroy Christianity in Europe ,cause famine , depopulation, and facilitate the great reset. Russia unconverted to the catholic faith will remain a danger to mankind.

    God bless you and may Our Lady and Archangel Michael protect you.

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