AUSTRALIA: Morticians overwhelmed as DeathWave follows ruthless DeathVaxx Campaign

Editor’s Note: Sadly it has only just begun.

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8 thoughts on “AUSTRALIA: Morticians overwhelmed as DeathWave follows ruthless DeathVaxx Campaign”

  1. In the entire article, the ClotShot isn’t even mentioned as a possible cause of even SOME of the excess deaths! It is given a brief mention, but only in the context of its purported protective benefit. The overt denial is unbelievable.

    It’s impossible to ascertain if it’s insanity, evil or both that possesses those psychopaths.

    1. Psychopaths to defend themselves want everyone else to live as psychotics, because reality convicts pyschopaths, fantasy is their own defense. They will follow this to the very end. It will become their mantra, religion, and undying profession, because the truth is that they deserve to burn in a thousand hells for a thousand eternities for what they have done to this world with the Scamdemic.

    2. This is what the media and the government call “following the protocol” which is also known as “propaganda”.

      The propaganda displays half truth so that they uphold their narrative. The sad reality.

  2. You’re so right. Is a terribly sad situation…And, it remains diabolical for the ‘Mandates’ to remain anywhere’ especially for the young. Must continue to pray.

  3. Doctor’s can’t explain it? I sure can: it’s Tony Fraudci’s damnable Lethal Injection. These deaths are the first ripples of the oncoming Megatsunami: According to Luc Montagnier PhD, Nobel Prize Winner for discovering HIV, everyone who has taken even ONE dose of the “Covid” “vaccine” will die within 2 years. Brace yourselves.

  4. The death toll from the covid shot doesn’t even have to reach the level of 2 billion to cause an economic catastrophe around the world.

    Brother Alexis mentioned this scenario in “When the flu season comes the chaos begins”. Even One hundred million dead in two years would cause a massive upheaval as these are often the most productive members of society- all our doctors nurses, researchers , tradesmen who build and repair things etc.

    Those responsible for creating the death jabs, and all the politicians , media , and medical people who lied and either forced or fooled people including children ,into taking the death jab do indeed deserve to be damned in the lowest level of hell forever.

    In the book of Revelation, it mentions the last plagues that God is going to pour out upon the wicked, and my hope is that covid maniacs get a taste of what they have inflicted on others.

  5. Help me. My daughter is engaged to a man who took the shot. Will this affect her? Is this something that can be passed along to her through intimacy? Are there studies?

    1. Your daughter’s fiancee needs to have tests done. He should have the integrity to recognize that this is something necessary, just like blood tests are necessary for a marriage certificate, to prevent conflict of blood type which would kill the child in the womb. Things have been reported to be growing in clinics where vaccinated men have donated, so I would most strongly urge tests as a pre-condition for marriage. Begin with the blood tests listed here

      While it is true that many fake vaccines were sold with real dangerous ones, one cannot be sure. It depends on the country, city, and how the deathvaxx was distributed and administered.

      There are other tests too, that can be done, to see if there are nano-particles or self-assembling moleculees inside a jabbed person.

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