Suddenly Anthony Fauci cannot remember anything about the “Pandemic”

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3 thoughts on “Suddenly Anthony Fauci cannot remember anything about the “Pandemic””

  1. “I have no memory of that” is the standard response from leftists to incriminating questions. They all use it, especially while “under oath”. It appears in the records of virtually every Congressional hearings so much there must be an abbreviation for it on the court steno machines by now.

  2. Everybody knows Fauci’s a liar. THIS REASON ALONE IS ONE THAT SHOULD BE PLACING THIS DEMONIC CRIMINAL AGAINST HUMANITY INTO LEGAL JEOPARDY. THAT isn’t the issue any longer. THE ISSUES ARE about the prostitute politicians NOT INDICTING HIM, TRYING HIM OUTSIDE OF D.C. Sewer and PUNISHING. Then, there’s the censorship disallowing the exposure or reminders of evidence of his CRIMINALITY to be exposed from past Texts, emails, Press Releases and Interviews. It’s all there and NOTHING WILL BE DONE ABOUT IT. Further, Congress has no fortitude or courage to change the laws to allow the TERMINATION of the ‘Deep State’ or ‘Term Limits’ to their own positions in Congress to return power to ‘The People’ where it BELONGS. Power is not given…IT CAN ONLY BE TAKEN. Time for ‘The People’ to take back the power and go on the offensive…But, THEY WON’T. Good people have no courage, fortitude and love for children and Grandchildren to fight back FOR THEIR FUTURES. We’ve FORGOTTEN the TYRANNY OF THE Totalitarian Monarchies along with the MISERY of owning nothing allowing self-sufficiency; starvation, exposure to the elements and all else resulting from dependence upon the wealthy defining ‘The People’ their SLAVES. We’re spoiled, soft and lazy and have FORGOTTEN.

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