R.I.P. Father John Melnik (a.k.a. John Stone)

Fr. John Melnick, who on social media was known as Fr. John Stone, has passed. He was a priest on communion with Pope Benedict XVI. He died in Florida, USA, where he fled from persecution by the Bishop of Kansas City. He was an Augustinian Friar who had attempted to found a monastic community of the traditional observance.

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9 thoughts on “R.I.P. Father John Melnik (a.k.a. John Stone)”

  1. I remember Fr. Melnick from the early days of the Fraternity of St. Peter in Elmhurst, Pennsylvania. One of my fondest memories was the day he strolled down the hallway yelling “ice cream, ice cream!” We all ran out of our offices as he passed out
    ice cream bars to anyone who wanted one.

    Rest in peace dear Fr. Melnick.

  2. Oh, Lord. If it be your Holy Will, purge Fr. Melnik quickly and completely, and fulfill in him the blessed hope promised to him by the glory of your resurrection. Amen.

  3. Requiem æternam dona ei Domine et lux perpetuam luceat ei. Requiescat in pace. Amen.

  4. R.I.P. ft John! Anybody know where he was residing in Florida? And weather they still continue Latin Mass there? We are looking for Latin Mass services in Orlando.

    1. I do not know where in Florida, but He had a FB page. He died in hospital in Kansas City, though. He was the last member of his Order. There are no more priests or monks in his monastery.

      1. Not so! Father Martin Navarro, who was recently ordained, was with Fr. John in the monastery.

        You are correct in saying that he did not die in Florida. He had hoped to have a lung transplant here (in Florida) but that did not come to fruition.

        May my dear brother rest in peace!


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