Rupnik was thrice protected by Bergoglio’s intervention, he denies it

Editor’s Note: The news is explosive. Rupnik was accused, tried, and sentenced with a ban on preaching, but days later Bergoglio named him Apostolic Preacher for the Lenten Retreat for the Vatican Curia! Bergoglio’s interventions to protect this sexual predator are indisputable. Use Crome’s Translation option to read the article, which is in French.

Here is the English version:

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2 thoughts on “Rupnik was thrice protected by Bergoglio’s intervention, he denies it”

  1. This is the English version of the author’s website

    The Freemasons infiltrated the Jesuit Order
    Chapter 39

    Fallacies of the Jesuit conspiracy theory

    Let us pray that the Conclave to elect Benedict XVI’s successor on January 30, 2023 at the Marriott Hotel in Rome will be free of infiltrators and that the Holy Spirit will be present as it was on the day of the Pentecost so that the Catholics of Rome will elect the right pope…

  2. How can anyone call himself a Christian, while protecting the practitioners of a most egregious sin, from the consequences of their sins? Love the sinner, yes, but protect his VICTIMS, not him! In this instance, the sin violates both God’s and man’s laws. It doe great harm to it’s victims, & protecting that behavior is simply beyond comprehension, unless the protector is also a practitioner, and fears exposure as such…

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