3 thoughts on “USA: DeathVaxxed Pilot drops dead just before flight”

  1. In the western world, it is not possible to fly in any Airline having less than two to three EDUCATED, EXPERIENCED and WELL-TRAINED PILOTS having thousands of hours of time in the cockpit of any particular plane they are currently flying. Training is maintained throughout their careers. Third World countries often mandate less training and experience needed…And still, most can be trusted. While tragic, a Pilot dying even 30,000 feet in the sky would not be a mortal emergency…They are ALWAYS COVER FOR ONE ANOTHER INSURING THE SAFETY OF THE PASSENGERS. Merely MORE TERROR PORN STUFFED DOWN THE THROATS OF THE ‘HUMAN HERD’.

  2. In case the accident happens mid-air, the WHO or WEF has a contingency planned – “a terrorist attack.”

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