We need some real Catholic Synodality at Rome

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo


The Catholic media is filled in these days with reports about the Synod on Synodality, but it ignoring the real Catholic Synodality which is prescribed in Canon Law.

The fake kind is organized by a man without the petrine munus, who pretends to be the Holy Father, while the real Pope, Benedict XVI is in retirement, but has not  abdicated.

The fake kind is organized according to Chinese Communist Party National Meeting, with a secret agenda, discussion and unknown purposes.

The fake kind fears transparency, Faith, Tradition, and any expression of sound morality, all of which is seen as a threat to the openness of heretical novelty, which itself is repackaged in a most blapshemous manner as being open to the Holy Spirit.

But the true kind is found in Canon Law.

The Cardinals who remain Catholic invite all the Archbishops and Bishops in the Ecclesiastical Province of Rome to a meeting, and invite also Pope Francis. They also invite all the heads of Pontifical Institutes of Religious, Pontifical Universities and Pontifical Seminaries.

Then they Synod together, and ask Jorge Mario Bergoglio to explain what is his personal faith. They ask him questions and listen to his responses. They also explain what the Church has always taught and believed. And they ask him if he believes in all of this, or if he takes this or that and rejects that or this.

Then they vote to call a Provincial Council on the grounds that the man Jorge Mario Bergoglio is doubtfully a Catholic, seeing that his answers demonstrate that the Apostolic See is impeded; and if the majority agrees the See is impeded, then they elect one of the Bishops of the Province to convoke a Provincial Council.

And then, in the same hall on the same day, they vote as to whether Bergoglio is or is not a Catholic. And if they find he is a heretic, apostate or schismatic from the Church, then they rebuke him formally.

And if he refuses the rebuke by refusing to recant his errors, then they vote to declare the Apostolic See legally and legitimately in sede vacante, in accord with canon 1364 which declares separated from the Catholic Church any man who professes pertinacious public manifest heresy.

If however he recants his errors, they submit a list of persons at the Vatican to be deposed from office immediately, for him to sign, and if he refuses, they declare these men excommunicated and defrocked, and ask Bergoglio to recant his errors again, if he refuses to separate himself from these heretics, declare him a relapsed heretic, and proceed to declare the Apostolic See vacant, as before.

This is real Catholic Synodality.

Anything but is vain talk.

CREDITS: An image of the Provincial Council of the Roman Province, held in the year 1046 A. D., at Sutri, Italy, wherein 3 popes were deposed as invalidly elected or false claimants.

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9 thoughts on “We need some real Catholic Synodality at Rome”

  1. The most troubling aspect of all of this for me is it isn’t even Christlike to leave ANY highly-qualified leader in the Church out.

    Were Cardinal Sarah and Cardinal Zen invited? If not, that’s sufficient proof of casting both of these dedicated servants of Christ in a poor light, which is enough to tell me that’s it, our beloved Church is now overtly persecuting those worthy of Heaven to serve a worldly agenda.

    I have seen enough of this mess!

    1. It is contrary to the teaching of the Church and to the rule of Canon Law to hold any kind of synod by invitation only. That is sectarian by definition, and schismatic. In every Synod, everyone with a right must be invited. If it is universal, all the bishops, if it is national, all in the nation, if it is provincial, all in the province.

  2. Ok brother Alexis. I am ready to do as you say, I am ready to approach my priest. I am not a theologian, as you are, though. What should i say, to make an impact, to get a desired reaction from someone, who complies to all mistakes, that come out from Vatican, without blinking an eye?

  3. If anyone hasn’t been able to discern the chastisement predicted in so many true prophesies of Our Heavenly Mother, Mary,
    since Fatima ( ieSatan will infiltrate the Church. In govts Provoking wars, Russia would be the instrument to punish the world , hunger, loss of Faith etc ) and acted on what she said must be done to alleviate this horrible punishment. ….then YOU are a part of the problem and the solution.: You have the words of Our Lady herself.. Rosary, fasting, obeying the Commandments, , etc.

    1. Let’s pray some Cardinal or Bishop gets the grace, before they all go to Hell with Bergoglio, and into a deeper pit than he, for failing to stop the destruction of the Church they daily profess to love.

      And no. The previous plandemic has gravely damaged the real estate market in Italy. The market is flooded with houses for sale and on auction, and no one wants to offer their properties for rent because no one has confidence that renters can pay the rent. It takes 25000 euro and 5 years to evict a renter here in Italy. And no one wants to rent a farm especially because after 5 years, a farm renter becomes the owner of the land he has cultivated, in Italy’s socialist system. And with the increase of 25% in gasoline prices, no one can afford to travel anywhere. Italians are being herded into their own towns and put out on the street. Welfare payments are being cut and people are getting desperate. While the Meloni govt which promised to end illegal immigration has increased it by 300%. And to show you how desperate people are, the meat being offered for sale in your average supermarket which serves 5 thousand, would be sufficient for 50 American families. That is, everyone is eating bread or pasta and omitting the nutritious foods they need, because they simply cannot afford them.

      On top of this the EU has passed some sort of law that requries after 2035, that all homes be super energy efficient, which will cost the average home owner some 200,000 euro. If they fail to update their home, it will be illegal to rent it or sell it. This is all directed to making people happy while robbing them of everything. Europe is in her final days of existence at the hands of the Rothschild psychopathic system.

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