Now Archbishop Viganò has become the Confliction of the Grifter Collective

an Editorial by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Christ never intended that laymen and women preach, teach or rule His Church. He intended and does intend and will intend only that the Apostles, Bishops and priests do these things in accord with the laws He and the His Church have established.

But since the Second Vatican Council, which was instigated by the US Department of Defense’s Program for Ideological Warfare against the Church (see here) and executed under the leadership of Henry Luce Booth and Time/Life CIA assets, who coined “the spirit of the Council”, there has arisen in the Catholic Church a group of laymen who without any ecclesiastical mandate from their Bishops or the Pope, undertake to lead and guide the Faithful, though nearly none of them have a degree in theology, and the few who do do not even accept the Magisterium of the Church or the obligation of Canon Law.

And so we have, what I call “the grifter Collective”, which is a group which strives to garner likes, favs, and above all donations, fame and influence, by teaching things they have no right to teach and embracing every novelty which helps them arrive at such goals.

Thus they employ themselves in a daily criticism of Church events, and especially are devoted to promoting scandal in the Church by reporting it only in a spirit of defiance of authority and desperation that there is no other solution other than supporting them in reporting it today, lamenting about it tomorrow, and holding fast to the one rule they have, which is that you do nothing but financially support them.

For this Grifter Collective, because of their very nature, the decision by Archbishop Viganò to start a house of formation for priests, as well as the reports that he has begun to ordain priests and maybe even Bishops, without any ecclesiastical license or faculty to do so, will be rock upon which they shipwreck their souls and those of the millions of souls who follow them in their follies.

For they will praise him for defying the Pope, for being pragmatic in the face of unjust persecution, for promoting vocations, and for doing the only thing he can do.   And in this, they will lead souls astray by misrepresenting Canon Law, the nature of the Church, and Christ’s will for His Church.

And since the Grifter Collective have no inclination to forsake their own will for the sake of the Church, since they have never forsaken anything for the sake of Jesus Christ, as Priests and Religious do, then, since they have no true ecclesiastical spirit, they will be drawn like iron dust to the magnet of their own vain pursuit of favs, clicks, and donations.

This will include the tactics of the double face and of the double mind, in which on one day they will praise the Archbishop, and another concede he is doing wrong, and the third day praise him again for doing something to defy the pope, admitting the truth of the faith on some occasions while equating the falsehood of disobedience and despair at other times.

This Archbishop, then, will be the source of their moral and intellectual confliction, because they will be conflicted as to what pole of loyalty to adhere to, the Catholic one by which they draw unsuspecting souls to follow them, or the vainglorious one by which they draw souls to themselves rather than to Christ.

For this they will have to trouble themselves greatly in the next few months and years to figure out how to feign to be Catholic while unmasking themselves as adherents and promoters of schism.

You won’t see FromRome.Info following them in this, since I have never walked in such a path. I trust, rather, in my Lord Jesus Christ, in His words, and in His Holy Ghost, and in the communion of Saints, all of whom have ever come to the rescue of Holy Mother Church and to the assistance of all who are dedicated to loving the Church of Rome and saving Her from the troubles of the age in which they live.

I exhort you all, therefore, who read this, to learn from the mistakes of the past, and not to go down the road of these members of the Grifter Collective would tempt you to take. Hold fast to Saint Francis of Assisi who promised “obedience and reverence to the Lord Pope Honorius III and to his canonically elected superiors and to the Roman Church.” And let us remain united in prayer for all our Bishops, From Pope Francis to Bishop Strickland, and all the clergy of the Roman Curia, from Cardinal Burke to Archbishop Viganò.

Finally a note about the Latin phrase, papa dubius papa nullius est.This is often translated as “a doubtful pope is no pope”, but the correct translation is “A doubtful pope is the pope of no one”; which refers to his authority over others and their duty in conscience to obey him, namely that he has no authority and no one has the obligation to obey him, as soon as they know he is objectively, by law or fact, doubtfully elected, constituted, or claimant to such authority.  – If you have such a doubt, then you must denounce the fact to a competent authority, and the only authority is a Provincial Council of Rome. Starting a seminary is, therefore, a big failure in your duty.

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8 thoughts on “Now Archbishop Viganò has become the Confliction of the Grifter Collective”

  1. Holy Church, in Her infinite wisdom, requires of all solemnly-professed religious men & women, three vows which they are obliged to obey for the rest of their lives on this mortal earth:-
    1] Poverty;
    2] Chastity;
    3] Obedience.
    These three vows all stem from the ‘queen’ of virtues, Humility.

    And it is, precisely, the woeful lack of any of these virtues that the “grifter collective” exhibit……

    And, tragically, many of the Church’s hierarchy and countless priests are simlarly afflicted……including Abp Vigano……

    Kyrie eleison;
    Christe eleison;
    Kyrie eleison.

  2. At your time in life Mary, now is the time not to consider leaving the Church because of some idiots in charge, that would put your immortal soul in danger and your statement: “are you saying we are to follow the priests, Popes etc who stop the TLM” sounds like you have made the TLM an idol to worship in itself. If by stopping the TLM for a time to break the idol worship of it, then it would be a blessing.

  3. The answer is in Canon Law and Tradition. Similar situations had occurred in the past and the Church Survived. So even though this time the forces of evil seem insurmountable, they are not if you have faith in Jesus promise to Peter.

    The grifters are there to take advantage of the situation. So instead of just breaking away from the Church, pray for inspiration from the Holy Spirit for the way to save her from those that aid to destroy her.

    Divisions from the Reformation led to the birth of Protestantism. We have seen further divisions since Vatican II. Divided we will continue to fail. Remover that to God, one day is like a thousand years to us, meaning the solution might not come during our lifetime, but it will come and the Church will be whole again.

  4. Sound advice,I spent a lot of time watching them ,the thought came to me that’s time that would be better spent praying,or reading spiritual books,there are so many available free to read on the internet.

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