Committee Against the Apostasy of Fiducia Supplicans

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This is an international effort to seek the revocation of Fiducia supplicans by explaining to the Catholic Faithful the danger of this document.

We call on faithful Catholics everywhere to found a local chapter of our Committee

and begin the distribution of this pamphlet at their own expense. Permission is granted to all, free of charge to use our PDFs, but the costs of printing must be borne by your local chapters.

How to Register your local Committee

Have your local typographer or print-shop put your contact information in the box on the back of the flyer, and then to register the existence of your local chapter, send 1 paper copy of your version of the pamphlet, with your contact info on it, to:

Committee Against the Apostasy
International Registry of Chapters
16 Laurie Lane
Westminster, MA 01473

And in this way, your chapter will be listed on this page, so that others can contact you locally to obtain printed copies of this brochure, which is apt to be distributed to Catholics on every occasion. — As we receive translations, we will prepare versions of this publication in other languages: French, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Arabic. When posting a translation in your language, please also indicate the common size paper in your part of the world, Letter, A4 or something other.


4571 Arlingate Drive West
Columbus, OH 43220
Phone: +1 614-486-2529

NOTE regarding Contact info for local chapters

When formatting the contact information for your local chapter, to be printed on the back of the pamphlet in the parchment box figure, arrange your information like this:

Committee against Apostasy (in your local language)
Street Address
CITY, Province/State Zip Code (in the customary order of your locale)
Phone, Email or Social Media contact

Good Practices for Local Committees

  1. Recruit the most active, zealous and avid Catholics, who are doers, not persons who simply want a title or companionship.
  2. Aim to involve all existing Catholic organizations which support this effort by inviting them to send a delegate of their organization to be part of the local committee
  3. Protect priests and deacons and religious for persecution by not inviting them to join the committee and not publishing their support of this work, without their permission
  4. Always distribute the pamphlets free of charge; but always be willing to accept a donation to print more copies
  5. Keep in contact with the Local Chapters nearest to you, to get lower printing costs on bulk orders from the best printers and organize within your state, province, country, diocese to sponsor outreach to the local clergy and to contact all Bishops who have not publicly opposed Fiducia supplicans
  6. Organize adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and Rosaries in reparation for the abomination of apostasy being promoted by this document
  7. Start a social media account for your local chapter and publicize your sponsored events or distribution points.
  8. Do not distribute this pamphlet on Church properties without express permission of the Pastor, Chaplain, Mother Superior, Abbot, Guardian, Rector etc..
  9. Encourage supporters of this effort to abstain from financial support of Catholic institutions which support Fiducia supplicans, and to direct that instead to printing more copies of this pamphlet and in organizing conferences and publicity to make this effort succeed.
  10. Remember your goal is to convince your Bishop to reject Fiducia supplicans AND call for a local provincial council to denounce it and call Pope Francis to repentance, by revoking this document.
  11. Distribution of this pamphlet should help you build a network ever larger of contacts. Follow up the pamphlet with a letter writing campaign to your Bishop demanding he rescind his approval of Fiducia supplicans for your diocese.
  12. Do everything to repair the offense against the Holy Name of Jesus, and begin all your efforts invoking the Holy Name.

American English Version PDF

Version 1.02

Designed to be printed on glossy 8.5 by 11 inch paper, and folded into three sections. Make sure to ask your printer to fold it for you.

UK English Version PDF

Version 1.01

Designed to be printed on glossy A4 paper, and folded into three sections. Make sure to ask your printer to fold it for you.

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