USA: In 2022 Congress passed law to enable seizure & arrest of all Small Businessmen

Editor’s Note: In a report which was ignored by all the opposition outlets in 2022, the U. S. Congress established a new requirement for all small businesses to register the names, identities, and current addresses of all small businessmen and all members of their companies, partnerships and LLCs which have important decision making roles, including that of the General Council. As the article states above, the regulation violates 6 constitutional principles. The Small Business Owners of America have sued the government to stop the implementation of the law, the requirement to observe which goes into effect 90 days after the formation of any new entity in 2024, and by Dec. 2024 for all entities pre-existing. — Compliance with this regulation will enable the government to arrest or harass all those persons necessary in any entity which does business, when they disagree with the Great Reset or when the govt. wants to seize their assets and obstruct their activity. — I agree totally with the author above who takes the law which established the requirement apart.

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