Crisis Magazine declares that Vatican II is “Tradition”, and that opponents “just don’t get it!”

Editor’s Note: This article wins the “Gaslighter of the Month” award. It is written by Kennedy Hall, an ex-TV cable repair man, who, to my knowledge has 0 credentials of any kind to speak about Church news. — Over at OMC Radio TV, AJ and I have spoken about our wonderment that this man’s opinions were being promoted by what seemed to be very important Catholic influencers, since he is literally another Canadian nobody.

So today’s article is not a surprise to me. When you are promoted beyond your merits in today’s social media metaverse, there are big players behind you.

So to castigate Traditional Catholics for not “getting it”, that Vatican II is part of the “Tradition” of the Church and all we need is to find the “good spirit” of Vatican II is the gaslighting it appears he was promoted to push, along with his beard, and perhaps a pipe for motiff — since the “trad” “dad” social media type has these things.

But his article reads more like a child’s essay in elementary school about finding the good fairy who will save us from the bad fairy.

The truth is, rather, that Vatican II was cooked up in Washington, D. C., its agenda was written by Freemasons, and the “Spirit of Vatican II” was a narrative motif invented by Time/Life Magazine at the direction of the CIA.

For serious Catholics, the truth about Vatican II has been explained by Professor David Wemhoff, in his historic masterpiece, “Time  Life and the American proposition”, where he was the first to expose the U.S. Government plot to destroy the Catholic Church from within. His book was featured extensively in a series at OMC Radio TV, and FromRome.Info was the first Catholic journal to publish the Department of Defense Document detailing the Ideological Warfare Program’s goals and agenda against the Church, declared on June 29, 1953 and declassified 66 years and 6 months later in 2013, after Bergoglio usurped the Papacy.

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5 thoughts on “Crisis Magazine declares that Vatican II is “Tradition”, and that opponents “just don’t get it!””

  1. The founder of Crisis Magazine could not keep it in his pants and was kicked out of Fordham. I stopped reading them long ago in spite of some good authors (with little self respect) writing for that venue. I hope Catholics start dropping that fish-wrapper soon. It has survived for too long.

  2. I believe Kennedy Hall was being sarcastic/tongue in cheek when he stated Trads need to get it that Vatican II is part of tradition, in this article. In my view he was demonstrating the absurdity of the arguments made to justify Vatican II and insult Trads who properly reject it. He is an SSPX Church attendee and often quotes pre Vatican II saints and theologians in his podcast.

    1. Catherine, with all due respect to Mr. Hall, I think it would be unfair to him to characterized his serious article as sarcastic or tongue in cheek, though I agree that someone reading it on radio, could read it in such a tone of voice. But Saint Thomas Aquinas himself said we should take the words of a text according to their plain meaning and not interpose an interpretation to make those words work for another sense.

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