John Henry Westen: Cionci was the first to say Benedict intentionally resigned invalidly

A Needed Historical Correction by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

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Mr. John Henry Westen, of LifeSite News introduces this video, above, with notable historical errors. The first of which is to say that Andrea Cionci was the first to say that Pope Benedict XVI intentionally renounced in an invalid way. That opinion of Cionci was launched on June 11, 2020.

The truth however is, that FromRome was the first to air this opinion in its Article, on Sept. 11, 2019, published more than a month before I traveled to Rome, and nearly a year before Cionci broached the topic in the Italian press. Again, FromRome broached the topic in its widely popular article on January 20, 2020, which has received more than 100,000 visitors since. It was that article, which spurred Cionci to write his own article on June 11, 2020, after having met me, a week before, at a political rally (see here) for those opposed to the Lock Down, which FromRome.Info covered in its entirety. It was Marco Cosimo who introduced Cionci to me; and who commented on his article on June 11, 2020, on his video channel (see here).

The correct historical assertion should be that Andrea Cionci was first to characterize the effect of the renunciation as to impede the Apostolic See. He did that on August 18, 2021.

That Pope Benedict XVI intended to impede the see is debatable, if the question turns upon intention; but juridically it is absolutely certain that he did in fact impede the see by a renunciation of ministry while retaining the munus. Because by doing such a thing, he decided definitively to refuse to speak to the Faithful as the Pope, that is, in the exercise of the responsibilities of the Pope. —  For the same reason, Pope Francis, having signed ‘Fiducia supplicans’ and pertinaciously refusing to recant, has impeded the Apostolic See by refusing to exercise his office as a Catholic.

The Ratzinger Code, book, by Cionci showed, however, that as a private person, Pope Benedict XVI still spoke as the Pope, that is, with the knowledge that he never renounced the munus, mandate or some part of the responsibility of the office.

But for LifeSiteNews, FromRome.Info does not exist.

In truth, however, FromRome.Info is a unique and authoritative chronicle of the Roman Church since its founding, in 2013, on the topic of Pope Benedict XVI’s renunciation and the activities of the St. Gallen Mafia. See our upper menu for our complete historical coverage of these events.

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3 thoughts on “John Henry Westen: Cionci was the first to say Benedict intentionally resigned invalidly”

  1. Worry not! I am sure Fra Bugnolo will be vindicated at the right time. Your work and conclusions on the topic were INSTRUMENTAL for me to understand the matter. Of course the work of A. Cionci is also important but LSN is being careless in not researching the matter before publishing a title like that. I am sure Cionci himself —being the gentleman that he is— will clarify that to them if he has not done it already.

    1. Well now he can disprove the doubt that having been recruited by a Gladio organization, Citizen Go, he is not misinforming the public simply to support another Gladio asset of the Italian Military Intelligence, because if he is truly a gentleman and not an operative, he will correct his gross error, but if he is a mis and disinformation agent, he will not do so at all. The ball is in Westen’s court.

      But don’t wait for it.

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