Pastor’s Battle with Bishop proves once again Benedict XVI is still the pope

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Once again, the course of the daily news proves that Pope Benedict XVI is still the pope and Bergoglio a usurper, raging heretic, apostate, schismatic and false prophet. You just cannot NOT see it, if you still have eyes to see.

But if you have taken the mark of the beast, which is not only the Vaccine, but anything whereby in the taking of it you REJECT all truth and all the evidence of reality; WELL, then, you will not SAY you see it, simply because you do not want to condemn yourself for your damnable apostasy from the truth.

But for the children of the light, who rejoice in every truth, because God the Truth has adopted them unto an eternal kingdom, these are the pearls of great price which we rejoice to find in the daily news.

And a shining pear it is, today, that we glean from the news of Father James Parker’s righteous battle against the Most. Rev. David James Malloy, Bishop of Rockford Diocese, in the State of Illinois.  Msgr. Malloy was appointed by Pope Benedict XVI, but alas like so many “Bergoglio is definitely the pope Cardinals, Bishops, and other clerical frauds”, he thinks that if you have been given a munus in the Church, it can be taken from you by an extra-legal procedure, that is, by force, fraud, and public calumny and defamation.

This is how the St. Gallen Mafia ousted Pope Benedict XVI, who when they demanded his resignation by years of harassment, insults and finally even by bank shenanigans, he tendered a renunciation of ministry — a retirement — rather than a resignation or renunciation, thus keeping the Petrine munus, which no living creature can take from him. But they ignore all the law, though they recognized the renunciation was invalid from the start, and went forward an elected an apostate, Antipope. And this has been the cause of their doom. But for those who now see what really happened, it has been the cause of unmasking all the corruption in the Church, which is the spirit of lawlessness forcing itself upon Her members by a class of clerics who are experts at raping the innocent, spiritually, psychologically and physically.

So too with Father James Parker, Pastor of Holy Cross Catholic Church, in Batavia, Illinois.

Father Parker was appointed pastor — which in Canon law is explicitly designated as a munus — of Holy Cross Parish without any specified term limit.  That is, for life.

The Bishop may have not realized his oversight in omitting a term of service, but the effect being tacitly conceded after 90 days, became a fact of right. And now Father Parker CANNOT be removed from the office and duty of pastor by any extra-canonical means. However so much his Bishop may desire it.

That might be frustrating for the Bishop.

But Father Parker is 100% in his right.

But what is more, Father Parker rightly understands that by holding the munus of the pastorate, he is not only in his right, he is divinely obligated in the sight of the Living God to keep caring for his flock.

The Holy Spirit concurs with Father Parker, whose flock has donated already nearly $100,000 for his legal defense.  Father says that he has consulted legal experts in Rome who say he has every right to stay his ground.

Would to God that such legal experts apply the same canonical rationale to Pope Benedict XVI, whose friends in the hierarchy here at Rome have proven his worst enemies by their silence and villainous sloth in defending his rights and prerogatives.  He too has received a munus without a term limit. Therefore, equity and honesty demand that all recognize that it too cannot be taken from him by an extra-legal procedure, even if, in his meekness, he has allowed them to trample upon it.

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4 thoughts on “Pastor’s Battle with Bishop proves once again Benedict XVI is still the pope”

  1. 👍✝🙏 frate alexis con don minutella e don bernasconi sono i profeti e i martiri della vera chiesa cattolica fedele a papa benedetto XVI

  2. I don’t trust post VII canon lawyers, clerical or lay. They say one thing to-day & reverse it to-morrow. If Canon Law , which is the backbone of CC administration, can be flagrantly abused & that abuse upheld by the vast majority of silent, complicit Judas prelates who obviously have deep personal issues with Catholicism, then it is not fit for purpose – it has lost its saltiness & should be trampled into the ground. Its function is to support the Truth (which is the Word of God) but has been found impotent in the task of ridding us of the Ape Church & demonic chaos is the result. The necessary excommunications, defrocking, dismissals, exorcisms in the face of public veneration of pagan idols, homo-erotic orgies & Black Masses in the Vatican itself, rape of seminarians, heresies of all kinds, communist indoctrination in our schools & universities etc. etc. were never enforced by our popes & hierarchies since VII. This can only mean one thing – that they were all united with Satan & combined to put an end to the visible OHCA Church bringing ignominy on its entire membership who hold no legal redress to stop them. Sad to say that most of the sodomite predators & Masonic/Marxist/Modernist infiltrators have been appointed by PJPII & PBXVI & have brought ruin to the OHCA Church. How could they not have known the backgrounds (& politics) of those they canonically elevated to be Cardinals & Bishops? We have to accept that they did but the reasons for making such appointments have still to be explained as the entire CC has the right to know. Were they on side with this terrible NWO agenda from the beginning? Did they not have the Holy Ghost advising them since the debacle of VII? Was it their wilful disobedience to the Mother of God’s request to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart the catalyst for such satanic destruction, not only in the CC but the entire world? Most likely all combined together & the freeing of Satan to carry out what is apparently God’s Will on His people.

    Benedict’s invalid resignation at least has kept the integrity of the Papacy intact but his continued silence is, whether by design or otherwise, supporting the Ape Church which needs to be torn down. This task would be so much easier to accomplish if he addressed the world & gave them the news that he still retains the PO although the infiltrators occupty that space.

  3. This is very beautifully written and heartwarming. Thank you..
    Your fidelity to the Known Truth ….is priceless.
    The hostility to the Holy Father is so shocking to me especially when it comes from those who in the past were faithful and loved Him….they need to get over themselves forgive Him and wake up to the Reality of this terrible situation . Apostasy from the faith , the creation of a false Church a fake, a fake church led by a fake. 🙏🙏🔥🔥🇻🇦🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿. It’s mass insanity and I’m very grateful that Our Dear Saviour showed me the Truth. Glory Be O Christ the King , reign over us. Glory Be O Mary Immaculate Queen, intercede for us.
    Glory Be O Royal St Joseph, hear us through our Guardian Angel. Amen

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