4 thoughts on “It can no longer be denied that the Globalists want to forcibly Vaxx everyone without their consent”

  1. It’s pretty much ivermectin, it works the same way. But ivermectin is generic and they can’t make money from it. Check out Pfizer’s second quarter 2021 profit statement – https://investors.pfizer.com/investor-news/press-release-details/2021/PFIZER-REPORTS-SECOND-QUARTER-2021-RESULTS/default.aspx
    You’ll notice in addition to making billions from the jab, they are now making 20 to 30% more on drugs for cancer and “rare diseases” (which must not be quite so rare anymore). I also have a photo comparing the FDA description of mechanism of therapy for Pfizer’s “new” drug versus ivermectin. It’s the same. I can send it to you if you contact me.

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