NATO ominously declares Climate Change a major security threat

Editor’s note: The reason why this development is ominous, is because, as we have seen in all the organizations promoting the Scamdemic, “Climate Change” is blamed on too many “useless eaters”, and the only solution the Globalists propose is “population reduction”. If a military alliance such as NATO now considers “climate change” a major “security risk”, they are basically saying, though in coded language, that they are prepared for a mass democide event, that is a culling of Europe, that, the killing of hundreds of millions, or at least assistance in such a program. Perhaps this is why they are now raising their active forces from 30K to 300K.

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8 thoughts on “NATO ominously declares Climate Change a major security threat”

  1. I met with the grand daughter of the publisher of the visions of Marie Julie Jahenny, the Marquis de la Franquerie ( a
    few weeks ago, and she says that the three days of darkness will ocurr in the middle of a war against Russia. She thinks this will happen in only a few years, even possibly quite soon. Billions of people will die from the poison gas.

    Climate change may be code word for the three days of darkness and other apocalyptic events from the Bible.

    1. The three days of darkness according to the saints has nothing to do with poison gas, but refers to a spiritual event of chastisement, or at least, an unique cosmic or geologic event. Scientists have hypothesized in regard to the theory of mass extinction of the dinosaurs c. 60 million years ago, that a huge asteroid impacting a major calciferous formation could eject into the upper atmosphere world wide enough burning calcium which upon re-entry could raise surface temperatures to 800 degrees farenheight and cook the earth. A plausible theory, because the only dinosaur era animals seem to have survided in the oceans of Australia at the antipode of the impact site or in underground burrows. So it is entirely plausible that some sort of meteor or comet strike could block out the sun and cause toxicity in the atmosphere, even at low altitudes. But when the saints say to stay at home and not go outside, it seems that the only real danger might be that. The additions to this 3 Days of Darkness prophecy are not made by reliable sources, and surely neither is that of Marie Julie Jahenny who was never approved by the Church. The real authentic source is Anna Maria Taigi. AJ and I discussed this nearly 2 years ago:

      1. In fact Ben Davidson from the youtube channel Suspecious0bservers (that’s a 0 not an O), predicts something akin to what is in Matthew 24.

        He says that between 2030 and 2040 a micronova from the sun will glaze the earth like glass and cause the axis of the earth to move causing the oceans to invade the land. He says this is part of the 6000 and 12000 year cyclical desaster cycle. The micronova would take 8 minutes to reach the earth, an equivalent amount of time that lines up with what Our Lord references in Matthew 24.

        “And he that is on the housetop, let him not come down to take any thing out of his house: [18] And he that is in the field, let him not go back to take his coat.”

        ” [21] For there shall be then great tribulation, such as hath not been from the beginning of the world until now, neither shall be.”

        Ben Davidson seems to be a Christian, so the words from our Lord resonate with him, but those from Akita or Fatima don’t.

      2. The Sun, being a G class star with no white dwarf neighbor, cannot have a micro nova. So therefore the rest of his speculation is pure bunk.

  2. Once again, THANK-YOU for the information. Never cease being amazed at finding sites having peopleA. J., too!
    Bought ‘3 Days Darkness Candles’ for family members at Christmas already Blessed by Fr. Chris Alar of The Divine Mercy National Shrine. It opened many people’s minds to hear of the End Times so many are afraid to speak/listen about. At least we are prepared in my neck of the woods…And, practicing faith to the best of our abilities. Hope you have yours. God Bless And Keep You and the Apostalate Br. Bugnolo

  3. This is the best I can deduce they’re using for this form of control:

    Climate = κλίμα = Negative Inclination Ex. ¯\_

    The system’s population is declining to participate in all institutions and causing a growing silent majority and they perceive this as a threat to their real plans of depopulation.

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