Crowder: The Vatican under Bergoglio is a Communist *RAP Hole

Editor’s Note: There is a lot of political commentary before the actual topic is considered (44+ minutes of it), which is also worth listening to. — The reason motivating Crowder to speak out, is the Vatican’s abandonment of Cardinal Zen, who is being prosecuting on false charges of racketeering, because he set up a fund to pay legal expenses for political dissidents.

Though at 59 minutes, Crowder falls into the false myth that “Pius XII did not do anything to save Jews during the Second World War II” slur. Someone needs to correct him on that. Perhaps send him the excellently researched books by that nun-historian….

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2 thoughts on “Crowder: The Vatican under Bergoglio is a Communist *RAP Hole”

  1. Scroll to 44.0 to start the Vatican segment:

    “How the Vatican signed a deal [treaty] with the Devil”.
    Non-Catholics decry “The stupid Pope’s” betrayal of courageous Cardinal Zen, arrested and tried by CCP, –“which has infiltrated the Vatican”.

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