WHO pushing hard to get “One World Govt.” Treaty Approved by May 10th


Background on the recent opposition to the Treaty:

Editor’s note: From these reports, it looks like the WHO Treaty WILL BE PASSED, since the negotiations are wholly centered about giving more fake information and deadly remedies to more people in the name of ‘fairness’ and ‘equity’.

The WHO is headed by a marxist terrorist from Ethiopia. He wants a treaty whereby when he says there is a pandemic — regardless of any true evidence of one — he can declare a Pandemic and by means of this treaty become the one-man ruler of the entire world, taking over the sovereignty of all nations. The “Pandemic” Treaty is in truth a pandemonium agreement, whereby a one world Bolshevik State is about to be imposed on us, without the consent of anyone, and by force of arms by our own police and armed forces in each nation.

UPDATE: Dr. Jane Ruby agrees with this assessment …

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