USA: 21 State Attorney Generals say WHO Pandemic Treaty is a One-World-Govt power grab

Editor’s Note: This is great news for the 21 states, as it indicates the likelyhood that as many as 21 of them will pass legislation to overturn any effect of this agreement within their states.

Because the Biden regime intends to sign on the WHO 2024 Pandemic Treaty without seeking the 2/3rds approval (which he cannot muster) in the U. S. Senate required by the U. S. Constitution to make international treaties binding in the U.S.A., the treaty even if signed will have effect only in those states which agree to enforce it.

However, even if you do not live in the U. S. A. or the U. K., you should make known to your national legislators or parliamentarians, that they should not agree to this “Treaty” if the U. K. and the U. S. A. are opting out of it, because that is a bad sign as to its authenticity as a medical instrument of law.

This means, that as soon a the WHO declares a “Pandemic” the USA will effectively “split” into two separate nations: one where as many as 21 sovereign states resist, and the other ruled by the marxist terrorist Tedros, President of the WHO.

Read the Letter to President Biden, here below:

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3 thoughts on “USA: 21 State Attorney Generals say WHO Pandemic Treaty is a One-World-Govt power grab”

  1. Brother Bugnolo, a few days ago a petition made by citizens was discussed in the parliament and the intention was to give the people a referendum about the pandemic treaty, but was denied and only Chega party and Liberal Initiative were in favour, also Mr.Ventura recommended our Prime Minister that Portugal shouldn´t approve the treaty.

    The portuguese parliament is full of communists and also freemasons, our current Prime Minister is one of them, he doesn´t care about our liberties and never will.

    1. Ventura should urge that every Mayor in every municipality organize a public vote for or against acceptance of the W.H.O. treaty, to show the government how wrong they are. There is no law preventing such an action, and this is true democracy.

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