Did the U.S. Navy destroy the NordStream 2 Pipeline?

Biden seems to have implied that in February…

Then there is the U. S. Navy..


Then, the testimony of Seismologists…

Chronology and GPS for the events…



And, then, there is the CIA, who knew it was going to happen….

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4 thoughts on “Did the U.S. Navy destroy the NordStream 2 Pipeline?”

  1. The US is destroying the European economies, while keeping on trading with Russia behind our backs.
    The US is not our friend, but we have been colonized by them.

    1. There are a lot of politicians in Europe who are also not your friend, because they sold your energy independence to Russia and shut down your coal, oil and natural gas industries.

  2. When are people to awaken to the fact of the SHADOW GOVT. controlling all of the west? It’s been an issue among the powerful and wealthy throughout all time and the latest iteration simply began at Oxford in the mid to late 1800’s when the U.S. was identified to be RE-TAKEN through ‘financial slavery’ since the British Military failed twice to take the U.S. This group manipulated, sabotaged, cajolled and maneuvered through the 20th century until it saturated all of EU in the 90’s and now the Globe. Never before has there been a real danger of a Global Govt. making the masses FORMAL SLAVES. We are at the precipice of this threat right now. The ‘citizen patriots’ ARE FIGHTING THE SAME ENEMY AS THE GERMANS AND THE PEOPLES OF ALL OF EUROPE. It’s apparent it may take risking our lives and spending our blood to guarantee freedom and liberty for our posterity.

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