3 thoughts on “Archbishop Mueller: Bergoglio has no authority to change Church Teaching”

  1. If Bergoglio has no authority to change Church teaching; it’s up to the Cardinals like Muller, Abps like Vigano and Bishop TO TELL THE MAN SO. Bergoglio certainly doesn’t listen to laity and St. Gallen’s Mafia is his ‘Fixer’ and ‘Finanacier’…So…?

  2. As Bergoglio is canonically an antipope at best, also a heretic and very probably an apostate, what authority DOES he have?

    Most likely you covered this in some detail in one or more of your articles on Pope Benedict XVI’s invalid renunciation to protect the true Papacy?

    1. No, he has none. But I republished this news, because I am also covering the story of how the Bergoglians are beginning to see that Bergoglio is not catholic.

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