4 thoughts on “ITALY: Meloni Govt. publishes Plan to profile Citizens for Anti-Vaxx sentiments”

  1. Well, Bro. A. What would be the prudent thing to do: tell the truth and get hauled off to die in the Italian version of a gulag, or what?

    I don’t much mind, I’ve reached my three score years and ten, and I’m lonely to see my God even if it’s a long purgatory first.

    1. I will not publicly give advice about this matter, lest I put anyone in danger of being caught by the Nazis of our own age.

  2. Saving Italy from immigrants flooding the country, preventing bug flour inn pasta, then this..
    That’s how they are. Great speeches about what people want to see but only hear, and then all you get is empty promises. You later see the true colour of the masonic lying government you voted in..

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