Geert vanden Bossche gives warning of next Plandemic, about to be launched

Editor’s Note: Vander Bossche still believes viruses cause disease or that SarsCoV2 existed along with its omicron variants. However, in practice his warning is similar. He believes those who got no vaccine, or had Covid-19 before being vaccination, will not be at risk at Omicron Variants. — He is unwittingly sustaining the fake Narrative of the Virus and thus exculpating most world leaders. But due to his fame, I publish this his video, which he says will be his last.

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8 thoughts on “Geert vanden Bossche gives warning of next Plandemic, about to be launched”

  1. “ Western societies will be caught off guard. Can’t stop warning you… will explain in upcoming article the link between increasing autoimmunity + cancer rates and increasing immune selection pressure on viral virulence.”

    “ Advice: All C-19 vaccinees who experienced symptomatic breakthrough infection (VBTI) or received at least 2 mRNA shots prior to natural infection should now take antivirals. In both cases, high IgG4 Ab titers likely indicate high vulnerability to highly virulent VBTI in near future.”

  2. I am not sure I understand all the implications of what is being said. Does it mean we are going to see an increase in viral infections and autoimmune conditions such as turbo cancers etc as we are seeing now? Just asking for more clarification. Don’t pretend to understand all the scientific language. Thanks.

    1. From what the Globalists want, they are expressively telling everyone on TV they want to wipe out billions of people from the face of the Earth. Vanden Bossche is just affirming this fact.

      Be it from wars, Internet, Communism, vaccine, or famine ( as a result of wars ), they have already declared to humanity that they will kill them all, with their twisted notion of paradise. Of course, God is already intervening – He is the Creator after all.

  3. Marburg 5G apocalypse being disguised as a mysterious incoming disease.

    He forgot to mention it will happen only in cities with cellphone towers because you know, it is a plandemic. It will not happen in remote areas without civilization.

  4. It does appear the war in Ukraine is winding down. We may see an ambiguous WW1 type of situation for a while with no real movement by either sides. We know they will never harm the oil, IE: Wallstreet profits, so a new pandemic appears to be the next coup.

    1. If you say the whole truth, in his profession, you drop dead suddeny…. its like criticizing Putin in Russia.

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