Mundabor becomes the epitomé of Traddie Hypocrisy and Self-righteousness

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In the above article, the anonymous Mundabor rails again about the recent events at Church Militant Inc., a Catholic media apostolate founded by Michael Voris, which in recent years funded the investigations which led to the arrest of numerous pedophiles, and which days ago fired Michael Voris permanently.

Church Militant Inc. has to be praised for taking immediate action to dismiss their banner-lead personality, Michael Voris for a breach of the morality clause in his contract.

This is in stark contrast to the SSPX which let satanic sacrilegious priests celebrate the Mass for decades while raping dozens of boys while remaining in denial and letting them lose on new families.

And their traddie followers too, who are even worse. Because they have no need to defend this. But they defend it vigorously, as if tolerating child rape was essential to the Catholic Faith.

Yet, Mundabor, who does not even have the male integrity to identify himself, has the gall to write:

Church Militant has been a force for good for years. Then it has descended into a pit of hostility to Tradition that led me, and many others, to abandon them.

It would be a very encouraging development if the issue were recognised, and the ship steered again towards the waters of 2010 and 2011.

Mundabor, if being a canonical renegade and protecting serial boy and girl rapists is your Tradition, then please let everyone know that you are a sicko pervert and a protestant. — No one who watched even a little of Church Militant would conclude that they were against Tradition, except a gaslighter. They profusely praised the traditions of the Church and those honest folk who loved them.

As for abandoning, “Church Militant”, you are an absolute NO BODY; so your “abandoning” means not a dried fig; even if you ever sent them a pound sterling; which can be doubted.

And stop with the Latin, “Mundabor” (which means, I shall be cleansed), for you do not give a damn about what that means, since you are always viciously insulting other persons. That sites like Canon212 give you airing is shameful.

This post by Mundabor, above, should be saved to document that the real person behind the Mundabor Blog is merely a pedophile apologist. Any true Catholic finds the co-existence of pedos and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass so sickening that they can only call for burning at the stake for the offenders and their protectors and apologists.

For in the present dark times, ANYONE whomsoever who exposes a pedo in the clergy is doing Holy Mother a Church a FAVOR! And should be publicly thanked and praised.

But Mundabor instead gaslights the catholic world, when he should be examining his own corrupt and twisted conscience. He is part of the problem in the Church, which led to the environment in which serial rapists always get the benefit of the doubt. And in this post he proves correct the criticisms of Church Militant against the Traddie movement, which wants rubrics observed and the moral law jettisoned when its a matter of their observance of it!

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3 thoughts on “Mundabor becomes the epitomé of Traddie Hypocrisy and Self-righteousness”

  1. Indeed, he rejects Church Militant reports on pedophilia in the SSPX because he thinks the only enemy in the church is the Saint Gallen mafia and liberals in the church.

  2. GMV was not the only practicing H in CM. The organization seems to be as rife with them as a concert of the Village People.
    Who knows what their mission is. If they did anything good and positive in the past, great. Not the kind of place I would grace with a visit. Open your eyes.

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