Pope Francis suppressed Ancient Mass based on survey he refuses to publish

Editor’s Note: Did the Bishops of the world actually ask Pope Francis to suppress the Traditional Latin Mass? That was the claim justifying his Traditionis Custodes, which he published during his antipapacy, and which still has no legal force.

But in addition to a fraudulent pope publishing a fraudulent document, it was based on what appears to be a fraudulent claim: namely, that the Bishops of the world, in their official responses to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith about the Latin Mass and those who attend it, overwhelmingly asked Pope Francis to put an end to this dangerous deviation from Vatican II.

But Pope Francis has never published this survey. Also it was never even shared with the other Congregations of the Roman Curia. The Bishops were asked, but their responses are being kept secret.

I think it does not take more than the I.Q. of a 8 year old to figure out why.

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