Vatican to forcibly Vaxx Pope Benedict XVI?

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Since Pope Benedict XVI is so frail, and since there are so many bad side affects from these mRNA vaccines, this announcement is so ethical that it is tantamount to the highest ethical negligence.

No surprise then who makes the announcement and who is administering the vaccine.

Pope Benedict XVI is a very critical man. is assured that if he was fully informed he would chose to forgo this treatment and openly declare that he was placing himself in the hands of the Lord, rather than in the hands of Pfizer.

Since Pope Benedict was forcibly prevented from staying with his dying brother and has expressed himself that he is forcibly being required to stay in the Vatican rather than return to his homeland, the presumption is also that he is being forcibly vaccinated.

This is confirmed by the announcement last year, that Bergoglio wanted all in the Vatican vaccinated, even though he goes about without a mask and has not give notice that he himself will be vaccinated. But he has made clear, that his gospel is now that of Pfizer, not that of Jesus Christ, even going so far in recent days to say it would be a sin to refuse the Vaxx.

Forbes Magazine bans criticism of Twitter

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It is not enough that the Left bans Trump by kicking him off of Twitter, as Kamal Harris demanded 2 years ago.

Now even criticism of what Twitter Inc. did, is itself banned. This time, from the influential businessman’s magazine, Forbes:

The editorial by Jim Colins was entitled, “Twitter Is The Worst Company On Planet Earth. Here’s How To Bet Against The Stock—and Deactivate Your Account”.  But if you visit the link, you will find the article covered over with a hazy grey page, with a note from the Editor that the page is not longer available.

The alleged contents of the editorial appear at TigerDroppings, here:

This is a screen shot of the alleged contents (click to enlarge):

CREDITS: The Featured Image is a screen shot of the now VERBOTEN editorial.  There are things that are just so true, the people are not permitted to read them anymore!

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Social Media Blackouts are what we really need to defeat the NWO

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The blackouts of social media — whether by banning millions as Twitter or Facebook have done in recent days, or by shutting down the cloud hosting services of anti NWO social media platforms, such as Parler, or by overloading services which are not designed to handle but a few thousands, like CloutHub — are what the NWO believes is the most beneficial to their aim for total control.

They think this because they are hoping that social media isolation will produce a human subject more capable of manipulation and control.

But the opposite is rather the truth.  As a Cultural Anthropologist I know that humans have always thrived by reinventing social communications. That is our native ability.

If shut off of one media platform or another, the masses wills imply move to others.  Even nomads, who constantly move about, have a culture.

But we need to get beyond the dependence on social media or the internet, because IT WAS CREATED by the NWO for control.

They need it, because a few elite, who want to master, dominate and exploit the masses know that the masses will always hate them, and therefore they fear the people. Therefore, they need a universal system of surveillance, and what system is better and cheaper than one in which the cattle unwittingly tell their masters where they are, what they are doing and what they are thinking, or with whom they are cavorting?

As for the masses, they are better off without the internet, because they can thrive in liberty without observation and thus without control.

If the Masses are excluded from systems of control, all the better. The Elites will be taken down by those whom they will never see coming.

So do not lament or grow frightened that you are blocked or banned or removed from Social Media.  You should rather fear that you remain on it.

What you should be doing is rather returning to visiting, saluting, talking with those in your neighborhood, town, region. Renewing old friendships, visiting all your relatives, practicing the corporal and spiritual works of mercy to other persons in the real world. Spread the truth person to person, and measure it out in spoonfuls according to the psychological capacity of each person you speak with. Avoid arguments, be kind. People end up believing as credible those who are kind to them, not those  who pick arguments with them.

This would be to defeat the NWO, because it cannot be controlled. And that is why through TV and Social Media they are trying to make you fear from doing it, with a thousand lies.

What they really prefer is that you remain on social media and comply. In that way you will be reprogrammed to become the new Gestapo in their service.  This is already happening, and in 2021 we will see and more propaganda to convert those duped into those who do and practice violence towards those who are not dupled.

What’s up with Whatsapp?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It is not easy to say, is the answer.

Already, many programs, browsers and ad agencies by means of applets, tracking cookies etc. gather information about your use of the internet through the device you use to connect it.

FaceBook is already collecting this data for those who do not use Whatsapp. Now Whatsapp will be collecting this date when it is used with FaceBook.  It is not clear if it will collect this data when it is NOT being used with Facebook. Some reports deny this, but with Zuckerberg’s tendancy to always grab more than he admits he is grabbing, it is safe to say, that one should presume it will.

However, you can do a lot to protect your privacy simply by keeping your devices clean. One way to do this is to erase the kind of information that can be gathered, by using a program to do this kind of scrubbing daily. It is also good sense to keep memory usage and storage usage down.

One highly recommended program to protect privacy is CCleaner, which for computers wipes clean such tracking programlets whenever you run it. It is also available for cellphones. However, the Cellphone version must be used with greater caution, because its default setting is to erase all your stored photos, videos and text messsages on apps like Whatsapp.

Whatsapp and the Great Reset

The utility of Whatsapp was created when Phone Companies and Nation States began to phase out or outlaw the electronic recording of phone messages. Whatsapp filled that need by allowing images, text and audio and video message to be sent and stored user to user.

A lot of individuals, however, share very private information through Whatsapp — something that should never be done with any internet or electronic device, EVER.  And for that reason a lot of folks are panicking.

The best advice is not to use electronic devices to communicate. Speak to the person in person.

But the mayhem caused by Facebook’s announcement of its change in privacy policy is part of the Great Reset psyop which is currently being waged against all humanity.  Further absolute control over thought by further isolation of those who do not buckle down to the System being imposed.  Those who give up liberty of thought are allowed for a time still liberty of action and access. Those who don’t are being rapidly suppressed and isolated.

Facebook, as well as every other program you use on the internet, is going to gather more information on you to be able to discern better to which of these to groups you belong. This is a necessary step toward the new Orwellian State.

CREDITS: The above graphic was distributed by the Internet Freedom Foundation’s official twitter account: