Church Militant News Service lauds New Film on Benedict’s “Resignation”

The above is in print, and the below on TV in the next 90 minutes.

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3 thoughts on “Church Militant News Service lauds New Film on Benedict’s “Resignation””

  1. Hmmmmm….. I’ve been continually requesting in replies to their updates to me for Church Militant Resistance that they support the examination of the evidence. Who knows? Simon Rafe banned me three years ago when I pressed them to at least investigate and report on the evidence.

    1. I myself was pestered for 2 years and dismissed every invitation, so I can understand how difficult it is. The thing is that the wickedness of freemasons is incredible. We Catholics just cannot imagine that there are such deviants walking the earth…and so we refuse to believe even the evidence which shows that they do. This is an ill effect of aggiornamento…

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