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  1. Unfortunately you do not submit a proof re George Washington at all. To the contrary. All he writes that since he was 27 he has only been in a lodge once or twice. He doesn’t say I have only been in a lodge once or twice (as guest). he could easily have been initiated at young age (21) and the regular lodge wouldn’t have been a large inspiration any longer and many masons stop attending..

    1. Unfortunately your argument proves nothing, because it is merely a gratuitous assertion based on a gratuitous inference. Calumny is the mortal sin of denegrating the good name of another man when you have no evidence to prove it. Satan was a caluniator from the beginning and he never repented of that sin or vice.

      1. I find that quite something to say in an argument of interpretation.. Because my argument is not as bad as you assume. I can’t know for sure. But reading the letter. Washington says: “I believe nothwithstanding that none of the lodges of our country are contaminated with the principles asscribed to the society of the illuminati.”
        Now how would he know? Since it would be secret tot non-members. Ok. it is a gentlemenś club he believes. And he is familiar with the principles of the society of the illuminati. Who are just in the proces of taking over the lodges, at least the leadership of them. Just at the same time the Sabateans are busying themselves getting into the leadership of the catholic church. The real evil it will show. Hence I do not see how at that stag
        e, with Washingtons attitude he would be condemnable. Hence you are unjustly accusing me of something. Your letter does not prove that Washington has never been involved with lodges. But he was aware of the coming dangers for sure…

      2. At the writing of the Letter, George Washington had been president of the United States. As such, he would be informed by all parts as to all matters. By saying it was his belief, he is showing that he is not certain. And therefore he is explicitly denying personal knowledge.

      1. The dates of the claimed apron do not match. If one were received or elevated in the Lodge he would receive or have an apron already. As for La fayette, he was a devout Catholic. Masons, after the fact, attempt to alter the historical record by many false claims. The fact that this apron comes from the Lodge and not from Mt. Veron, where Washington lived, put grave doubt as to the authenticity of the claim. Also Mt. Vernon today is governed by a Masonic board of directors, so what they say about the First President is not at all reliable.

        Moreover, since someone with your name maintains a Masonic Art page on Pininterest

        I have to presume that you are not disinterested observer, but have an agenda in your insistence. So I would ask you, as a condition to be able to continue to comment here, whether you are a Freemason? or whether your curse and a decry that satanic conspiracy….

      2. I am an orthodox Catholic, so of course I am not a freemason and would not join any satanic secret societies. The webpage you link to is not my name. It is “Joe” not Joel and the last name is the Protestant “McNeil” with one “l” and not the Catholic “”McNeill” with two “l’s”

        A simple web search of “Mount Vernon” and “Mason” came up with the article about George Washington being a freemason. That is common knowledge. Our whole country was founded on freemasonic principles by our Founding Fathers, and that is why we are in such a mess today.

        I don’t know why you would be insisting that George Washington was not a freemason when it is common historical knowledge that he was.

      3. I do not deny that Masons claim that Washington was a Mason, but as you confuse common belief with historical facts, here is an article to show that Washington was a Christian, and if he had any association with Freemasonry it was not anything he regarded as important. He even decried the claim as masonic propaganda…

        Furthermore, we have historical evidence that Washington had a very different view of Freemasonry than some claimers claim:

        This being the case, I would sustain a historical doubt that he ever joined the Masons, and that any Lodge which claims he did should have their claims carefully examined.

        In fact, the claim that he became a master mason in August 1753, presents a problem. Because he was already a Militia commander for the Colony of Virginia, and that fall received a higher commission.
        So if any of his men were masons, they may simply have had his name enrolled as a way of honoring him as their commander, and that in fact, Washington did not join the lodge by any motive or free act of his own.

        The claim that he joined the Lodge in 1752 is also doubtful. As he just purchased 900 acres the year before and would have had little or no time to attend such a function.

        Indeed, in this article at Wikipedia, it details the religiosity of Washington and has no section establishing that he was a mason,

      4. Barnhardt quotes this article
        which points out the the apron allegedly donated by Lafayeet is of doubtful provenance.

        As to the claim of the ceremonies details, the article at wikipedia (which is by no means a reliable source) cites as its proof of the ceremony a book written nearly 2 centuries later. While I do not know if there are sources in the book which are contemporary, that it quotes no book written prior to 2000 for such a claim is notable. Also, the fact that masons attended the ceremony was a decision of US Congress. As President he performed no religious duty and probably had no say as to the ceremony. So again, the article proves nothing. If a Catholic priest had blessed the stone, no one would rightfully argue that Washington was a Catholic. Likewise for the presence of Masons, for in the USA at such ceremonies there are apt to be members of all religions.

      5. I actually commented originally without seeing the video because it would not open on my I-phone. I lived in Fairfax County and just assumed George Washington was a freemason because of that gigantic Masonic Shrine dedicated to him that looms over Alexandria train station, and I remembered Ann Barnhardt’s article.

        But after those articles you linked to, I no longer believe it. I also just checked the article Ann links to, and there are no sources pre-2000. I can see now how they would try to change the historical record, trying to make it seem as if he were.

  2. Whether the so-called Great Reset was 200 years in the making, it is only with the advent of modern technology, during the past few decades, that it has become a feasible proposition.

    If anyone takes a look at the deeply disturbing Denver Airport murals, along with its demonic horse statue, it’s hard not to see that the realization of the conspiracy is decades old and related to freemasonry. (The airport was opened in 1995, after numerous delays.)

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