2 thoughts on “Ex-CIA agent who opposed Scamdemic killed in Hospital”

  1. Brother Alexis, did you read to the end of this article where it says: “Let’s be very clear: to date, since the Plandemic began in January of 2020, millions have been killed by the COVID-19 bioweapon. Likewise, millions will be killed by the weaponized Covid vaccines.”

    This is pitch-perfect misdirection. The main intent is to feed the pandemic narrative and make opponents look stupid in the eyes of those who’ve drunk the koolaid. Millions have NOT died of “Covid” and the biow eapon schtick is part of the fearporn.

    1. Publishing a link to an article does not mean I agree with all its contents. What is Editorially approved is explain in the Leader for each published link, article or video. The rest is the opinion of the authors involved.

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