10 thoughts on “Robert Kennedy Jr. needs to dump Hilary Clinton & Big Pharma”

  1. i always knew RFK was a fraud and not one of us at all,
    but this expose is amazing! i never knew he was this
    evil. what an eye opener. and millions of sheeple believe
    he is a “hero” and saving america. all the kennedys have
    been children of Satan.

  2. Georgetown Preparatory School, Regis High School (New York City), Fordham University and Santa Clara University, just to mention some random educational institutions, have interesting alumni.

  3. So many controlled operators.
    Robert Malone is another one.
    Who better to promote a new vaxxx than a whistleblower who was injured by the last one?
    I was always suspect, but his appearance on Joe Rogan sealed the deal when I heard him promoting his new vaxx.
    As Dr. Bhakdi reported, you cannot treat a respiratory virus with an injection.
    I advise people to not write off people like Malone and RFKjr.
    They do share a lot of good information.
    I advise them to take information from them but always be aware that there’s always an agenda behind them AND
    some of them may not even realize they are controlled opposition.

  4. I have kept a guarded eye on RFK, Jr. for a long time. Saw several red flags years ago concerning his crusading then, but recently he has become much more prominent as the anti-covid, anti-vax poster boy. Tragically, it is now obvious that he is just another wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    It is very, very important that we identify the fake activists who are really working for the enemy team. And typically, we can see that those who are genuinely fighting for the cause of God and man are not well funded, they do not have big staffs, and they are not in any limelight.

    Will guardedly and carefully use RFK for certain info. (as I do with other frauds like Alex Jones). He is NOT one of us. And THIS is the real “Kennedy curse.”

  5. THANK YOU! Br Bugnolo, for presenting the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment (NSOE) actor, aka RFK, Jr.

    The three points to keep in mind about controlled opposition, aka NSOE are:
    1) They ARE the establishment.
    2) They were created to do THEATRICS (think World Wide Wrestling Federation) so YOU believe ONE side is fighting for you as they steal and enslave you even MORE.
    3) They exist to corral you into (s)elections or into participating in fake “protests” (think Jan 6th unarmed ‘insurrection’) where you beg in front of impotent legislatures, corrupt courts, or Big Business wage-slavers. They corral you because they FEAR a truly bottoms-up movement of militant workers (think Ordo Militaris who unite together to ACT for Truth Freedom and Health.

    (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyuoZGp6kFs language warning)

  6. One point. RFK doesnt advocate MANDATORY vaxxs…He states that he ENCOURAGES everyone to get the Vaxx. Theres a huge difference there.

  7. Interesting… Not many knows I guess but him and Del Bigtree won a case in the US against Big Pharma. It turned out they lied about vax’ safety and efficiency to the public for more than 30 years. It was in Dec. 2019. I can’t recall the details but I would have thought he was antivax – who can be pro-vax knowing this?

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