Br. Bugnolo speaks on the Supernatural States of Mind

In this video, shot from Maidan Square, Kyiv, Ukraine, this morning, Br. Bugnolo explains what a supernatural state of mind is, how there are three of them, how they make the human person beautiful, and how God wants us all to have them.

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2 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo speaks on the Supernatural States of Mind”

  1. What a gorgeous message! Thank you so much! This has been very much a grace, beyond excellent teaching.
    Made me realize and appreciate something of the enormity of blessings already given me. Offers encouragement and confirmation in how my small life is moving and might move. Love how you don’t hesitate to share “everyday miracles” along the way. Miracles are a realizable fact of life, something that most people and even some priests find ‘odd or less than credible’.

  2. I look forward to these videos and its a joy to start my day with them.
    I know you are a busy man so thank you for finding the time.

    Prayers for safety in your travels and God bless you.

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