NATO prepares for the Russian Invasion of Europe

Editor’s Note: As I said in my video this morning about Ukraine and the Cultural War against Christian Civilization, those who assume Ukraine will win this war are presuming a lot. I agree with this move by NATO, but I disagree with what it implies: namely, that they will not give Ukraine the means to undoubted victory.

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2 thoughts on “NATO prepares for the Russian Invasion of Europe”

  1. Thank-you for the commentary, Br. Bugnolo. Agree, that is what’s implied and it’s heart breaking for the Ukrainian people. The Trilateral Commission with the WEF/CCP Cabal ARE GOING FOR BROKE. And, who’s to say those 300,000 troops aren’t to CONTROL THE EU MASSES and the Ukraine War is merely a diversion and justification. THAT is how the Forces for Darkness have operated, isn’t it?

    1. They actually want war, because they want population reduction at all costs, and they want to increase the state of psychological terror of everyone, so that they can propose eternal slavery as the solution. It’s neo feudalism, neo because founded upon Satan, not Christ.

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