She believed what they told her about the vaccines; but…

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5 thoughts on “She believed what they told her about the vaccines; but…”

  1. I’m going thru the same thing. Headed to dermatologist Tues. Try watching your diet very closely and note whether skin reacts . Try no dairy, no wheat, no chocolate, no gluten… no fats at all…very meager diet …Lots of water..Its a digestive thing.Mine was triggered by illness. or antibiotics
    during Covid. Will pray for you.

  2. What this clip shows me is that one of the many adverse events the vaccines have is to attack the immune system ,which can cause prolonged illness or revive a dormant illness. like cancer.

    Either way, those who received these shots have suffered permanent damage to their immune system in multiple ways ,which is costing many people their lives, or shortening their life span.

    The lesson to take from the whole covid scam is that the so called medical experts and talking heads on the media were wrong every single time ;about the chance of dying from covid, about the need for and success of the control measures, and about vaccine effectiveness and safety. Nothing we are being told in the official narrative can survive scrutiny as there are now more covid deaths than ever before.

    I am also not surprised that despite suffering an adverse event after the first shot, this lady went back two other times to be injected. This is the extent of mass brainwashing that has occurred. It is truly evil. The people that engineered this need to hang.

  3. I’m so sorry for this lady and the countless others like her.
    On the 18th here in the UK I attended the funeral of what had been a fit, healthy, 44 year-old man before the took the first injection. (He took no more) 48 hrs after that, he was paralyzed on one side of his body and unable to speak –despite expensive experimental treatment in Germany, which enabled some short-term rallies, he died 1 July.

  4. Victim of ‘Mass Formation’. She’s correct to define this whole situation ‘A Perfect Storm’. Seems to me that she may not be able to sue Big Pharma and the Govt. Were I in her shoes, I would consider suing Media; both Legacy and Social. All CONSPIRED and were paid to indoctrinate and brainwash while people were isolated, going broke, failing, STRESSED OUT. How deplorable and disgraceful our society and world has become.

  5. Have given this some consideration over these recent hours as in the recent months I have been in contact with several clients diagnosed according to the 5 Axis ‘Multi-Axial DSM-IV’ as suffering Serum-Related health issues of diverse origin seemingly related to previous conditions to the Clot-Shot. Am perusing the data to come to an informal determination supported statistically to ‘Mass Formation Hypnosis’ and a correlation to ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ as one is appearing to influence the other in initial study. Ability to tolerate and resolve ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ focused upon Govt. information and mandates appears to influence the presence and intensity of ‘Mass Formation’ in quantity of Serum consumed. The intensity of this woman’s upset indicates her level of ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ applied to Govt. to have been extraordinary since she continued with the Clot Shot in the face of evidence and increasingly greater suffering resulting from it. Am also going to search for influence of faith, if any…Faith in Jesus Christ IS a factor influencing ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ and ‘Mass Formation’
    is similar to ‘Stockholm Syndrome’.

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