NEW ZEALAND PRIME MINISTER: We will continue to be your single source of TRUTH

This video looks edited, but it’s credible…considering how the Govt. has conducted itself in the last 2 years.

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4 thoughts on “NEW ZEALAND PRIME MINISTER: We will continue to be your single source of TRUTH”

  1. Spoken like a true megalomanaiacal sociopath. No other kind of person could seriously speak such words.

    Well, except evil liars trying to deceive people.

    Either way, it’s scary how many of these types are in positions of power, and even scarier that they actually have followers and admirers.

  2. It is already over a year old. But she did say it like that. Of course. It is a Kult.. And Kults only have obedience and daily/weekly briefings etc.

  3. I can’t stand this disgusting whore.
    Her annual salary was $800.000.
    Ask her where she got the $25 millions from..
    That amount was her carrot for vaccinating NZ.
    If you put your trust in the wrong people and things, you are doomed.
    I live in NZ. This country has turned into a sad joke of what it used to be. They also can’t seem to let go of covid..

  4. It’s true, Arden said that. S/he is hated with a visceral hatred by many in this country, so much so that all public appearances have to be carefully stage managed, many of them concealed as to time and place, to prevent protestors from gathering and being confrontational. Ardern has no conscience and made sure that New Zealand got an abortion till birth law change. There is a naked power grab going on here by the government, to take control of water assets off councils and regions and centralise them under government control. It’s evident that the NZ government is firmly committed to Agenda 2030 and the climate change religion under a WEF acolyte. Foot and mouth disease is in Indonesia. If it gets to Australia and New Zealand, it could be devastating to the rural sector and supply of meat domestically and for export.

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