2 thoughts on “Is the CIA actually running Skype?”

  1. Use LINUX MINT from an USB-pen…
    (and maybe use programs only once, then
    disinstall, turn off, turn on and reinstall)

    (otherwise give thanks to the CIA for their kind attention)

    PS-> Thanks Zietta…

  2. Skype used to be a fantastic way to communicate. Since MS took over it has turned into a piece of you know what.

    I think it would be less work to do the list of the things that the company DOES NOT run, overlook or control.

    They have all been warned by Jesus: conquer the world, lose your soul. God knows exactly what every mind is thinking at this very moment. He knows what every nuclear furnace in every star is doing, what is the state of every atom of every molecule in the universe. And a bunch of self proclaimed great men want to eat His lunch?

    In the words of Mr. Morelli (my former neighbor) “Aiah donta tinka so!”

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