2 thoughts on “Q & A on Helping Catholics to survive and thrive together”

  1. This is one of your best videos ever as it describes in practical terms how to actually go about establishing this kind of community.

    I would agree with you that a “firm” mind is the single first most important requirement.
    During the first 2 years of the scamdemic, we were in deep discussion and even planning to establish a community. In our group we had people with backgrounds in banking, owning and running a grocery store, school teachers and a Registered Nurse. Some of the men are skilled in hunting, fishing, and proper use of firearms. We even found an opportunity to buy 100 acres with 12 small homes already existing. Ample water supply and hunting and fishing. We discussed and planned this every day.
    But as time went on, and things began to “open up”, the younger women longed again for Starbucks and hair and nail salons. The teenage daughter cried out to return to cheerleading.
    And the men? Well, they just didn’t have the firmness of mind to LEAD.
    They enjoy their Netflix and beer.
    They all returned to their secular jobs and soccer clubs with their children.
    So I love your endeavor and I pray for its success.

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