VATICAN: Pope Francis calls for restoration of perpetual onsite confessors

Editor’s Note: This is something which perhaps few alive today remember, that in a major Church there would be at least one confessor on duty all day long. The great Saints such as St. John Vianney, St. Padre Pio and St. Alphonsus dei LIguori practiced and advocated this. It is a dire need and changes the entire attitude of the faithful regarding visiting.

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5 thoughts on “VATICAN: Pope Francis calls for restoration of perpetual onsite confessors”

  1. Yet another “good fruit” of the valid papal election on 30/01/2023 – DEO gratias.

    i do not recall heretical antipope Bergoglio ever stressing the importance of the Sacrament of Confession!

  2. More evidence of the awesome power of Our Lord’s prayer that the faith of St Peter’s successors not fail!

  3. This is is “best practice” but it is all too common that (as with my local parish) we have one priest covering three churches. We no longer have sufficient priests to spare one several or even a few hours a day in the confessional.

    However each diocese might designate and advertise one church with good public transport access, where there is an “all day confessional” every 5 or ten miles apart.

  4. FANTASTIC…Can recall some Churches to have Confessors as outlined here up until the 1980’s.

  5. Dear Br. Alexis,
    Yes, I believe this is good news & good fruit, as the others have commented earlier.

    And I am praying that it is a major step toward him rescinding or revoking or terminating (I don’t know the correct terminology) his suppression of the TLM – and praying he will call off his “attack dogs” in the U.S. I apologize for the harsh words; but I began attending the TLM only 2 years ago, and believe it is a treasure bestowing many graces to the faithful. I do not understand how Vatican officials can believe it poses a threat or causes division in the Church.

    I welcome any & all comments.
    May God continue to bless you & your work!

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