Alamy features photos from the preparations for the Assembly of January 30

Editor’s notes: These photos were taken with my permission. Perhaps their only use is to rebut those who said that the funds raised to rent a Hall at the Marriott Park Hotel at Rome, were not used to rent a room. As you can see, a very large hall for about 3000 was carefully repaired. The photographs show me setting up the altar, which I moved there from the Hermitage of the Holy Cross. Also seen are some Icons which I obtained in Poland and Ukraine. — Also seen are the cards instructing the security 30+ security personnel on the criteria whereby one could be admitted to vote; a nomination ballot; and just in case, a papal zuchetto, which is now kept as a souvenir in the Sacristy of the Hermitage. — The hermitage now has one of the unique privileges in the Church, to have an altar before which a Roman Pontiff was elected.

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2 thoughts on “Alamy features photos from the preparations for the Assembly of January 30”

  1. Brother Alexis.
    I trusted you then and I trust you now. I am sure those that are questioning your use of the funds you were helped with , never donated anything. So they as well as those eligible electors that chose not to attend do not count.

    The changes in Pope Francis actions since 30 January 2023, give me reason to trust in the validity of the convocation and in the work of the Holy Spirit in Pope Francis’ change in behavior. May our Lord continue to work on Pope Francis to save the Church from the Freemasons that are trying to destroy her.

    May Our Lord continue to bless you and keep you safe.

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