MEXICO: Reinher Fuelmich arrested, taken to Germany on charges of Viviane Fischer

According to Wikipedia’s biography on Attorney Fuellmich:

“In September, 2022, Viviane Fischer, a partner with Fuellmich on the “Corona Investigative Committee” alleged Fuellmich had embezzled funds raised for the committee by overbilling (sic) for his legal services. Fuellmich denied the allegations and claimed they were politically motivated to sabotage the work of the committee, which produced a series of online interviews about so-called deep state involvement in the global Covid-19 response. An arrest warrant was issued in March, 2023 related to the charges, but Fuellmich was not informed and was in Mexico at the time. On October 13, 2023, Fuellmich was detained at the German consulate in Tijuana where he had an appointment to replace a stolen passport. He was flown to Frankfurt and arrested. Berlin DA’s stated that was no cause for a criminal investigation.”

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9 thoughts on “MEXICO: Reinher Fuelmich arrested, taken to Germany on charges of Viviane Fischer”

    1. Are Icke and Fuellmich just another part of the puppet show leading us to the same end? Listen from 55:30 for 5 minutes.

      1. Icke has very strange personal views, which is why I do not post his videos. Since he does not believe in God or revelation, he does not believe a Religion can contain true doctrine. But his comments here are in part true, because even the in the Catholic Church the masonic clergy do a lot of ideological persecution of those who disagree with their praxis. — However, it’s a chuckle that Fuellmich says the Roman Catholic religion is the worst, the day before he is arrested for theft.

      2. I started listening to David Icke over 30 years ago! Everything he said then when everyone called him crazy was becoming real. He still doing the excat thing but now called conspiracy theorists and banned from all social media!

    1. How did he and his wife lose their Passports? And how can you be arrested for a civil dispute? This report raises questions.


    I see that some articles concerning Reiner, are trying to discredit the “collective” of lawyers, who participated in the Grand Jury by implying that they would have made a kitty and disposed of it together.

    As I’ve always said, I’ve never received a penny for the hundreds of hours of work involved, whether in preparation, hearings or reporting.

    Then, to imply that Reiner was “fleeing” to Mexico is just one more piece of nonsense. Reiner traveled regularly for his international appearances. His passport and that of his wife were stolen during one of these trips. Since their passports were stolen, they have never been able to return to their home in California.

    It was the perfect pretext to arrest him in the German zone.
    As far as the accounts are concerned, I’m not involved, since I’m not a member of the Corona Committee.

    Nevertheless, as a lawyer, I find it strange that we prefer to settle associate problems in public by making a lot of noise, before trying to settle them in court, at the risk of bringing opprobrium on all actions carried out for the common good.

    As I understand it, there was a great risk that the funds of this association would be frozen by the German state, because of its activity, as was the case for an association of a professor close to Reiner.

    I’m also astonished that the association’s accounts have been validated every year without anyone objecting to the management up to now.

    Together, they had organized the management of the association’s assets, and several people were involved in various investments, contrary to what is implied today.

    Reiner’s law firm took charge of all the association’s administrative management, since no dedicated administrative unit had been set up for the Corona Committee’s needs.
    Reiner had not known some of the people on the Corona Committee for a long time when he started the Corona Committee hearings; they were introduced to him.

    Why hasn’t Reiner acted more often in court? Because he no longer believes in the system. A recent heavy-handed prosecution carried out with another German colleague on behalf of the military came to nothing.

    I would remind you that the only judge who dared to rule against the wearing of masks by children in Germany was searched and sentenced to prison.

    Yes, as jurists we make observations.

    As a result, it’s very easy to misrepresent things in order to harm Reiner’s honor.

    For my part, I wanted to set the record straight, because for 3 years Reiner has been raising the alarm openly. Thousands of hours Reiner has spent informing you and speaking out for the common good, dare I say for the good of mankind.

    Reiner has my full support, whatever the attacks, just as he supported me (one of the few lawyers to do so: how many lawyers stood up when, for the same political reasons, I was taken into police custody in March 2022).

    Mrs de Araújo-Recchia

  2. Sounds like another political/judicial hit job. When are the big pharma murderers going to be arrested for their ongoing crimes?

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