Vox Cantoris: “Bergoglio thinks we’re stupid!” — FromRome.Info: “And he’s right!”

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Over at Vox Cantoris, a blog published by a feisty Catholic from Toronto, Canada, David Doment, you can often read sharp and clear judgements against the tricks of Jorge Mario Bergoglio and his like in the Catholic Hierarchy of Canada.

I interviewed David back in March of 2015, and you can read that interview here. Mr. Domet became famous for his opposition to Fr. Roscia, one of the leading Bergoglian gaslighters, in the early years of the latter’s antipapacy.

But in yesterday’s post David Doment asks a powerful question which should not be taken merely rhetorical: “Does he think we are stupid?”

That is, does Pope Francis think we are so stupid as to believe the twisted explanations  he gives for his ‘Gay Blessings’ agenda?

Vox Cantoris (Latin for “The voice of the Cantor”) clearly holds to a negative response, because by now most Catholics are totally disgusted and aware of the tricks of the Argentine Supreme Clericalist.

But I will demur, and respond in the positive, and I think I am more correct.

Because he has been playing these games and tricks for 10 years and Catholics still won’t do anything to remove him from power, oppose him and organize opposition to him.

That is, they won’t participate in calling for a Provincial Council in the Roman Province to depose him for an invalid claim to the Papacy. They still cannot figure out if the Conclave of 2013 was canonically valid or not. They still cannot figure out what is to be done with an apparently heretical and schismatic and apostate man on the Throne of Saint Peter.

I would say, that all those are massive failures on the part of Catholics, not just on the part of the Catholic Hierarchy.

And thus, the evidence is, and one must conclude, that whether Pope Francis thinks we are stupid or not, We ARE STUPID!

But not all of us. Because Catholics are waking up and participating in the Sutri Initiative, by writing the Bishops in the Roman Province and demand that this man be put on trial. And the Bishops of the Province have already shown that they are listening (see here and here for more information).

So my point is, if bloggers everywhere, whether influential like David Domet or not, called on their readers to participate, the protest to obtain the only real solution to the Crisis in the Church would succeed, in my opinion.

And if they don’t, I won’t say that they are being stupid; but it is clear that they are allowing themselves be played by one who thinks they are.

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3 thoughts on “Vox Cantoris: “Bergoglio thinks we’re stupid!” — FromRome.Info: “And he’s right!””

  1. Hi Brother.
    So far I have managed to convince 1 person who has sentletters to thr Bishop’s of Rome. I see that as an accomplishment because most people will not even consider it.

    Anyways, do you know is David Domet is interested in supporting the Sutri initiative?

  2. JMB thinks that most Catholics in the world are as simpleminded and naïve as his Argentine public (which he could manipulate uttering inanities like that.)

    Juan Perón called his followers “la gilada” slang for “the fools, the simpletons. That he said only indoors to his close friends, of course. Peronist history keeps repeating itself.

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