4 thoughts on “Henry Makow: There is only one Conspiracy”

  1. There are two kinds of penitential rosaries. One ( by the now-defunct Order of the Minims of Our Lady of Perpetual Help) has the mysteries interspersed with verses from the Little Office of the Holy Spirit.
    And in the other, called “Padre Pio’s Penitential Rosary” you pray one set of “Our Father-Hail Mary-Glory be” on every bead of each decade, instead of just the Hail Mary.

    Which one do you recommend?

    1. I know of neither devotion. But if I had to guess I would take that of the Minims, presuming some saint of their order received it a revelation. Because, I am very familiar with Padre Pio and never have heard him claim that he received any new devotions from our Lady.

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