CANADA: 45 Christian Churches attacked in Massive wave of anti-Christian Hate

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5 thoughts on “CANADA: 45 Christian Churches attacked in Massive wave of anti-Christian Hate”

  1. It’s my understanding from the prophecies ALL the brick and mortar churches will either side with the antichrist or be taken down, by force or financial ruin. This is only the beginning. The real Church will only exist in hiding. Christ will live in them, maintaining the Church that way. Priests who remain faithful will provide the sacraments, or angels. If you don’t believe all this it will be explained in a personal warning from heaven, per the Garabandal visionaries, words from heaven.

    1. No churches can exist in hiding. Weak up people. Nothing, absolutely nothing is happening anymore in hiding. Governments, not only our own ones, spy on us. Businesses are spying on us. There are cameras everywhere, and all our voices are being recorded. No more “hiding” on this planet. Remember Edward Snowden? Remember Julian Assange? They warned us long time ago, why some still don’t get it?

  2. Right. Which is why God the Father will be stepping in to take care of business. It’s not time yet. He has not released the dates to anyone, not even Jesus and Mary. He said if he releases the dates many who don’t believe would profess a false faith just to save their life. He wants it to be voluntary. At that time, miracles unlike we’ve ever seen before, supernatural protection, for believers. The rest will carry on business as usual.

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