As news of imminent death of Bergoglio spreads, Cardinal of Guadalajara restores TLM

It’s obvious for those who are watching the news From Rome, what’s happening. No Cardinal is going to go into the next Conclave with the stain of having supported the vicious anti-Catholic policies of this man, Bergoglio, whose time is up.

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10 thoughts on “As news of imminent death of Bergoglio spreads, Cardinal of Guadalajara restores TLM”

  1. How do we define “imminent” during these times of rumors and fake news? Would it be a sin to rejoice (prematurely probably) at the news of any person’s death? Instead of ‘rejoice’ relieved would be a more accurate verb.

    1. It is not a sin to rejoice over the death of the wicked, as the Angels and Saints of God do that very thing. But for men who show some capacity of repetance we should pray for their conversion. Bergoglio, however, is no such man.

      1. Neither is it sin to ask that judgment come upon the wicked.. It is only when God Arises and His enemies be scattered that this Covid Plandemic and the injustices & sufferings caused will come to an end.. Things will get worse as this present evil world travels the broad way to judgment…. May His people remain hid in Christ Jesus.. Amen.

  2. My BIG concern is the Mass. I go almost everyday and I love saying the rosary before Mass with my little group. It would be such a heartbreak to stop going. I have prayed for wisdom and am willing to do whatever God wants of me but I just don’t know. I am confused. My church is in my town and is the Novus ordo which idk if even valid. If you have any advice brother it would be much appreciated.

  3. Cardinal Gracias: Pope Francis is ‘in good health’—and isn’t resigning anytime soon.

    Commenting on Francis’ health, the cardinal said, “I found the Holy Father looking well and in good health. I felt he is looking better than when I last saw him [in February 2020], so I said, ‘Thank God.’”

    “There are rumors about his health, but I came early and observed him from a distance at first,” he said. “Then we had our meeting. I’ve met him, I’ve worked with him, and we’ve been together with him now for three days and, in these days, talking with him, discussing. I can say after the surgery, he is back to normal. He’s absolutely fine.”

    “There’s no question in my mind he’s well. There are rumors about his health, but they are false rumors,” Cardinal Gracias added. He said he has seen rumors that the pope’s health is declining on the internet but attributed them to the fact “that some are not enthusiastic about the changes he’s bringing in.”

    1. This council of Cardinals contains the most zealous members of the Bergoglian chorus. But what is important here is that you cannot see colon problems sitting down with someone. The urgency this Cardinal feels to pronounce on a matter of which he actually knows nothing, shows how much Bergoglio feels threatened by the real news.

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