The Graphene Oxide in the DeathVaxx is to make Zombie Apocalypse a reality

Highlights: Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger on Bio-hacking

[This video contains adult language, here at there — click image above for full report.]

” So… The endpoint of this is that they’re going to… What they want to do is bio-hack the brain and bio-hack people. And yeah, that’s what I wanted to say…..

…..And they were taking the example of a surgeon. Of course, they want to make it look like it’s good, but you can also use it badly. So, they took the example and said that, if a neurosurgeon wants to make an operation in the Philippines and wants to take control of a person’s hand by his thinking, they can analyze his pattern lighting… We’re electric beings. We’re bioelectronic, so it’s easy to see the pattern. And then they transmit… The person has graphene, and they can transfer the pattern by WiFi. And the person in the Philippines gets the hands going into a pattern of a surgeon. And the person even says, “Oh, it’s very strange. I don’t even do anything, and I’m directed by this program.”

“So can you see where I’m going? I’m going to this zombie pandemic### ZOMBIE PANDEMIC, because what they’re doing now is tha …..”

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5 thoughts on “The Graphene Oxide in the DeathVaxx is to make Zombie Apocalypse a reality”

  1. my gosh Br and here… an attempt at solidifying a political and ‘legal’ [openly by a nation state; Chile ] an infrastructure in an attempt to ‘normalize’ the unprecendented, shocking and horrific technological parastism of people.

    Jorge Osorio: “The Neuro-rights Law establishes —the Chilean President of the Republic said it here— that ##your thoughts could be intervened###. He regularized it as a law. ”

    that YOUR thoughts could be INTERVENED

    they have the means and a technological infrastructure in a percentage [?]of the populace via THE JAB/S also Graphene Oxide in the Calendar Jabs.

    this is their play, this is the ultimate control of human beings , the usurpation and the ruination of God’s image in people, the ultimate extreme violation of human will and dignity.

    what else is to say, all is most urgent as Dr Astrid comments ;

    ” And they have gone very far into what we’re doing now. We’re electric beings, and we can get the imprint of a virus. hat’s why we have to protect ourselves from 5G. From our phone. Even the phone. You hold it like this, and the graphene comes up. So we have to stop using the phone like this. We have to use it like that. Not having it in our pockets, not sleeping with WiFi, etc. And to detox with zinc, glutathione, and N-acetylcysteine, for example.”[]

    and as la quinta columna have referenced, the individual whether injected or not [to varying lengths of time and potency dependent upon exposure to G.O.] MUST, ABSOLUTELY MUST DEGRADE THE NANO routers and other technological nano bio-circuitry formed by the primary element of Graphene Oxide

    anthropological political or legal modes of intervention are almost irrelevant if there is not an integral element/s of the populace to retain their soveriegnity and independence of humanity to resist.

    this really is of vital, PIVITOL importance that this information gets out and gets out quickly!

    May God Bless you and truly have mercy on us. all

    Br i sent you some links previously with regards to detoxification [via Orwell City, La Quinta Columna] and medical paper/s that support, for example the use of NAC and zinc etc in the proven degradation of Graphene Oxide.

  2. Yes, we are bioelectronic and our thoughts are. too. When we pray, our intentions and considerations of goodness truth and beauty etc are transmitted and are unconsciously picked up by
    others. Prayer is the great influencer first because God is all
    powerful and second because our ideas, our prayers are spiritual
    and lead others to holy thoughts. Isn’t this behind the theory of contemplative orders…..and why they are called “powerhouses”
    of prayer .

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