Rothschild Dictatorship in Paris out to exterminate entire French Race

Editor’s Note: This is an extremely left-wing source, so do not believe their claim that only 3/4 of 1% of the population of France is not vaccinated. It’s probably more like 10-20%, seeing that Macron’s government is constantly lying about everything.

Why are these governments so vicious against the unVaxxed? I think you have your answer here:
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5 thoughts on “Rothschild Dictatorship in Paris out to exterminate entire French Race”

  1. I think you are right about that Br. Bugnolo because the Pareto Rule seems to be about the only constant in the social sciences. They are simply not getting that final twenty percent and that is why they are pressing so hard now.

    It won’t be too much longer before the increased death rates among the vaccinated will be noticed by more than morticians and insurance companies.

    I had the game figured out a year ago. It is good to see that my decision making process is solid, thank God for that, but it would be better if the confirmation didn’t require a large body count.

  2. Br. Bugnolo,
    You are right, officially 20.5 % of the French population has not yet been injected with a single dose. However, this is including the age-groups 0 (!) -11 year. But even in the age group 12-17, officially already 83 % has received at least one injection. For all other age-groups, this percentage is officially between 88 % (80 years +) and 99 % (70 -79 years). Of the total population, officially 42.9 % has received the third injection (“rappel” in french). source:
    The 2025 population forecast by the mysterious Deagel-website for France is a 40 % reduction. (For the USA Deagel predicted a 70 % reduction, Italy 30 % reduction.)

  3. The death of 1789 draws nigh but if anyone thought The Holy Kingdom of France was just going to return nice and easy, they were mistaken. Our Lord requires his Eldest Daughter to be shining and without spot or wrinkle and this there will be great pain ahead to get to that point.

    1. They think that they can forestall that death permanently by destroying Russia (rendering Consecration useless) and France (making sure the Great Monarch is deathvaxxed young).

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