13 thoughts on “That not all Covid-19 Serums are equally lethal, IS intentional!”

    1. If the devil himself isn’t behind it, no doubt he’s extremely pleased with the work of his minions who devised it in service to him.

  1. The more you analyse it, and see all the layers of this pandemic, the worse it gets. Money, greed, power, personal agendas, lobbying groups belonging to the cabal, human sacrifices with the virus and the vaccine. The devil is behind it, and all his pedophile influencers and self-important foot soldiers. It’s also interesting to note that, since the pandemic started, we have had non-stop severe natural disasters doing a loop around the planet, but most, if not all major networks, are not covering that.
    A few nights ago, I saw a purple cloud coming out of a regular cloud three times. It faded in and came out front and just followed the main cloud. I have never ever seen anything like that before. It only lasted a few minutes, and then it’s gone like it was never there. I took two photos of it but no video as a mobile phone in the dark is useless. What can it be?
    Is it a sign from the good side or the dark side?
    Searching online after that experience showed me that it has been happening since at least 2018. While I was watching this purple cloud, or smoke looking thing expand, and fade out three times, it felt like it means something, but what?
    This was on the night of 24th into 25th Jan at 2:40am in Auckland City, New Zealand.

    1. Clouds have no signification, but they can be signs of weather, changes in air pressure, and or incendiary events. At 2 4A AM no cloud is visible to the naked eye except those illumined by reflective light from cities, and if there is a light show, that can reflect on very low lying clouds.

  2. How ironic all right… and how ironic that Austria, the birth place of Hitler is the first to force inject their citizens…. Well, we’ll see how that goes… roll-on the next protest..!

  3. Please share the source and speaker for this video, so I can learn further. Thanks.

  4. This is what I’ve been telling the believers. They say, no one is dying you dumb antivaxer. Then I tell them that the bulk of the jabs are harmless. But if you get the wrong batch, you lose the lottery.

  5. What’s also scary about those vaccines is the occult connection ( the cells of an aborted child [replicated] sounds like the sacrifice of a child for its fat to make a werewolf potion/concoction)–and that the vaccine was said to have been offered to lucifer in a Masonic temple—Maybe diabolic genuine possession cases later (hope not for the sake of the sufferers) will reveal more–and even perhaps apports thrown up/vomited ( connected with the vaccines[or hidden in them])

  6. Tesla even had a vibrator device that could bring a high story building down ( or even the Brooklyn Bridge it was said!)–He was working on free energy for all by studying oscillations and their frequency which would be picked up by a mechanical receiver and produce electricity ( and he alarmed his neighbors by using such a device that lit up his laboratory)

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