French Journalists visit Mass Grave at Mariupol

Editor’s Note: After I was the first to highlight the Christian suffering of Ukraine by demonstrating that the civilian victims of this war were all Christian, when I visited the municipal cemetery of Bucha (Irpin), French journalists have decided to do something similar.

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4 thoughts on “French Journalists visit Mass Grave at Mariupol”

  1. This isn’t a mass grave, it’s a graveyard where the dead civilians and Ukrainian military from the battle of Mariupol were buried according to Orthodox Christian traditions. This lie that it’s a mass grave was debunked months ago by the DPR press. The civilians in charge of the graveyard said that they took great care to identify the dead and treat their bodies with respect. Calling it a mass grave is dishonest.

    1. I do not think it is dishonest. Here we have the example of the technical definition of mass grave running into the common definition of mass grave. Technically, according to UN standards, a mass grave is where 3 or more bodies are buried together without identification. The common definition is any large burial of the victims of violence. This appears to be the case in the above photograph. To claim that the claim is therefore false or dishonest, however, is also false and dishonest, because the UN does not define the English meaning of phrases.

  2. A mass grave is where a large hole or ditch is made full of dead bodies without identities and respect. Only animals are treated like that and humans meet the same fate because of godless enemies.

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