Father Z laments persecution from the Anti-Pope…

Commentary and Public Appeal by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I have great respect for priests and especially for priests who explain Latin or who are converts to the Catholic Faith. For this I reason I have three motives to respect Father Z. I also have the personal motive of the help he gave Ordo Militaris Inc. in selling its famous Lepanto Flag in 2017, after he endorsed it on his blog.

But I cannot omit shaking my head in incomprehension, at seeing how many traditional Priests and Religious and Catholic Faithful are willing to take the most vicious forms of verbal and canonical abuse from men, rather than simply recognizing what Canon 332.2 says and that Pope Benedict XVI never intended to abdicate, accordingly.

Such a 5 second intellectual consideration is true Catholic piety and results in total liberation from the massive globalist deception of an imposter on the Throne of Peter.

Stop abusing yourselves, dear Faithful Catholics, by insisting that you and everyone else must follow human opinion, about who is the Pope, rather than the words of the Pope Benedict XVI and the laws of the Church.

There is a massive discombobulation. And you are being played like pawns in a game of auto-destruction of the Church, rather than being militant Catholics who fight for truth and justice as Christ wants us to: that is according to Papal Law.

I mean, why insist that Quo Primum of St. Pius V is still in force, if you are so quick to ignore that Canon 332.2 is also still in force?  Words have meaning, and if we give even a millimeter on that principle, there is nothing left but to go quietly into the eternal Darkness.

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10 thoughts on “Father Z laments persecution from the Anti-Pope…”

  1. I completely agree with you, dear brother Alexis (BTW blessed feast day to you!).
    2 Thessalonians 2:11 is the only answer that comes to my mind.

    Send them “Utrum Renuntiatio Papae Benedicti XVI Secundum Actum Expressum in Declaratione, Non Solum Propter, Valida Ad Efficiendam Papatus” and they will say that Br Bugnolo is a fake monk.
    Send the “CODICE Ratzinger” and they object that Cionci is only a journalist.
    Send them Estefania Acosta’s book, and they reply that she is not a doctor in canon law.
    They wouldn’t even take time to seriously read either of the three.
    But they all blindly believe Giovanna Chirri, a journalist who knows as much about Latin, canon law and church history as pope Benedict’s cat, but who spread the news about the “pope’s abdication”.
    If that isn’t delusion, I don’t know what delusion means.
    A few days ago a Catholic French layman called me an “exceptional priest”. And he wasn’t even joking.
    Lord have mercy !

    1. Great thoughts Fr.
      I will just add that: “the hasty cat gave birth to blind kittens”.
      All the PachaPope horses and all the PachaPope masons…were too much in a hurry…to place Jorge there and finalize their agenda.

      Auguri Fra “Alessio” – buon Onomastico anche se in ritardo.

    2. Well said.
      Considering the precident of Balam’s ass, –I would trust Pope Benedict’s Cat before Giovanna Chirri.

      I forget where he says it, but St Thomas Aquinas says that one should accept truth wherever one finds it, whatever the source. It takes careful study, humility and prudence to do this –which are in short supply in this era of apostasy.

  2. antipope francis is coming here in canada for a penitential
    pilgrimage (falses graves…) to the indians
    why don t he tells them to apologize and penance for
    the holy martyrs jesuits of canada, second patron after
    st joseph

    1. This visit will only stoke the flames of persecution of Catholics throughout Canada. As St. Hildegard of Bingen writes, when the Antichrist comes his followers will strike out to kill every last Catholic on the face of earth, acting on the hatred of us which they have nurtured for a long time in their hearts. This visit shows clearly that this man is not in communion with Christ…

  3. 3 Reasons why BERGOGLIO is an anti-pope. 1) Pope Benedict XVI was coerced to resign, which invalidates his resignation per Canon 332.2. Evidence: Deutch Bank turned off Vatican City ATM’s Jan 1, 2013 and turned them back on the day AFTER Pope Benedict XVI resigned, 2) Then St. Galen Mafia illegally canvased for conclave votes for Bergoglio, which auto excommunicated all involved, incl Bergoglio. 3) Bergoglio is NOT Catholic, and therefore cannot be a valid pope.

  4. This is where the Institute might consider a page from the playbook known as “Saint-Nicolas du Chardonnet “….

  5. As an ancient Catholic, I have to say I am shocked at how so many traditional sections of our beloved Church are allowing themselves to be bullied by the Francis Fans who seem to relish in their new found power and hatemongering. It is clear to see the Masonic fruition after all their years of plotting and infiltration. The likes of McCarrick and Cupich and Gregory et al have been drinking the Masonic KoolAid for such a long time they are saturated with hatred for anything which shows love for Almighty God, our Saviour and Lord. Furthering their ongoing evil activities, we are confused and saddened to see, the multitudes of Cardinals and Bishops do not appear to want to block the evil and protect the Catholic Laity, which they could do if brave enough. The best we see from them is that they allow the traditional communities continue without obstruction. For that we are grateful. The new out and out attack on the Institute of Christ the King sounds like it comes straight from Satan himself. Lord help and protect the good men who have been quietly rebuilding the Church in Chicago and elsewhere. Blessed Mother Mary protect them. My Rosary for them today.

  6. I thought you had hinted some time ago that the Institute of Christ the King commemorates Pope Benedict XVI in their Masses. If that really is the case, I pray they have the courage to be public about it and formally break free from the Bergoglian Antichurch. No better time than now.

    1. If they do, the antipope will dissolve and disband them, and confiscate all their assets as he is the ancient Orders of contemplative nuns.
      No matter that he has no right to do it, he will do it anyway.

      Is the church better served if the ICTK give him excuse to do this?

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