New Italian Parliament has only 54% support of electorate, 47% of Italy

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo


Statistiche ufficiali dal Ministero dell’Interno QUI

Secondo la nuova legge sulla proporzione elettorale (che è incostituzionale), un partito politico guadagna un seggio in Parlamento solo se ottiene il 3% del voto popolare totale.

Secondo il ministero dell’Interno, 46.021.956 italiani sono iscritti al voto. Ma solo 28.085.553 italiani hanno votato.

Ciò significa che solo il 61% dell’elettorato ha votato.

Tuttavia, di quel 61%, al 6,73% è stato negato il voto in parlamento, perché ha votato per un partito politico che ha raccolto meno del 3%.

Ciò significa che a più del 4% dell’elettorato che ha votato è stata negata la rappresentanza, anche votando. — Prevedo nuove cause entro pochi giorni.

E questo a sua volta fa sì che il nuovo Parlamento rappresenti solo il 54,28% dell’elettorato.

Il risultato è ancora peggiore, se si considera che la popolazione italiana è di 58,9 milioni, ma solo 46 milioni sono iscritti per votare.

Ciò significa che il nuovo Parlamento rappresenta solo i voti del 47,617% della popolazione totale.

O in altre parole, questo Parlamento non ha il diritto di governare l’Italia.

E se si considera che la coalizione vincente ha raccolto solo il 43,79% dell’elettorato a cui è stata assegnata la rappresentanza in parlamento, significa che il nuovo governo al potere rappresenterà solo il 20,8% della popolazione italiana totale, quasi 1 su 5.

Pensi che questa sia una forma democratica di governo?

Io non lo penso.

INFORMATIVA: Fra’ Bugnolo è il presidente de L’Italia per gli Italiani, partito politico cattolico italiano, consacrato ai Sacri Cuori di Gesù e Maria, che propone un nazionalismo cattolico, che non è né di destra, né di sinistra, né di centro , ma dall’alto, che dunque è contro l’Ue (una truffa massonica), contro l’EURO (una frode della Banca dei Regolamenti Internazionali), contro lo sfruttamento politico del popolo italiano al servizio di Francia, Germania, Gran Bretagna, Cina e gli Stati Uniti.


According to the new electoral proportion law (which is unconstitutional), a political party only earns a seat in Parliament if it garners 3% of the total popular vote.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, 46, 021, 956 Italians are registered to vote. But only 28, 085, 553 Italians voted.

That means, only 61% of the electorate voted.

However, of that 61%, 6.73% were denied a vote in parliament, because they voted for a political party which garnered less than 3%.

That means, that more than 4% of the total electorate WAS DENIED REPRESENTATION, even though they voted! — I predict new lawsuits within days.

And that in turn causes the new Parliament only to represent 54.28% of the electorate.

The result is even worse, when you consider that the population of Italy is 58.9 Million, but only 46 million are registered to vote.

That means that the new Parliament represents only the votes of 47.617% of the total population.

Or in other words, this Parliament has no right to govern Italy.

And when you consider that the winning coalition only garnered 43.79% of the electorate who was awarded representation in parliament, that means the new ruling government will represent only 20.8% of the total Italian population, nearly as much as 1 in 5.

Do you think that this is a democratic form of government?

I do not.

DISCLOSURE: Br. Bugnolo is the president of L’Italia per gli Italiani, a Italian Catholic political party, consecrated to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, which proposes a Catholic Nationalism, which is neither of the Right, nor of the Left, nor of the Center, but from on High, which thus is against the EU (a Masonic swindle), against the EURO (a Bank of International Settlements fraud), against the political exploitation of the Italian people for the service of France, Germany, Great Britain, China and the USA.

9 thoughts on “New Italian Parliament has only 54% support of electorate, 47% of Italy”

  1. There is no country where one achieves a hundred % turnout.
    Long time ago there was a voting obligation in the Netherlands, and maybe other countries. It was later abolished. When there were elections during our child-time, our parents had to cast their votes.
    Maybe it would be a good idea to reinstate the voting obligation?
    (as long as it can be done with a paper form and a color-pencil ……)

  2. Dear Brother Bugnolo and other Italians,

    Big surprise: just was published on
    mrs Meloni publicly announced in a speech that she will defend Italy vs the WEF!

    Who will be next???

      1. Marcel, Salvini imploded during the lockdown, which he said had to be harder and more merciless to save Italy…. that is why his popularity went from 45% to 9% in just 3 years.

  3. Br. Bugnolo
    Hope you are well, I have a question for you that you are more qualified to answer than most. What is your opinion of Giorgia Meloni? Is she who she appears to be? I know the U.S. media is slamming her in every possible way, what’s your take?
    Thanks in advance,

    1. AJ and I will be doing a show on Georgia Meloni at OMC Radio TV on Wednesday, when you will hear who she really is and why the Conservatives in the West are praising her, falsely, and intentionally falsely.

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