How to befriend Saint Michael the Archangel


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One thought on “How to befriend Saint Michael the Archangel”

  1. I thank you both for this excellent presentation. There is so much “meat” here that I am going re-watch so that I can be sure to absorb it all.
    Many of us speak often about this “spiritual battle” that we are in, and indeed we are.
    But do we REALLY grasp all that that means? And TRULY how to combat it? I’m grateful that you addressed this in detail.

    As regards to guardian angels. I have realized, in hindsight, the many times my guardian angel has spoken or appeared to me. Your discussion about guardian angels caused me to connect some more dots and gave me chills with AH-HA! Understanding!

    One in particular, about 15 years ago I was in a dangerous situation and had the need to take a cab. Without going into all the detail, the cab driver spoke the saving grace of Jesus to me during that drive. It had a profound effect on me. I always remember him vividly and his NAME. I think of that experience often.
    But I didn’t realize until watching this video today JUST HOW SIGNIFICANT the encounter truly was.
    His name?

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