Archbishop Ganswein’s admissions require Redress before a Provincial Council of Rome

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo



Among the stunning statements made by Archbishop Ganswein to the brother of Father Gehard, the other day, during a long polite phone call, which was recorded, is this: that there ARE errors in the Latin text of the Declaratio of Pope Benedict XVI, made on Feb. 11, 2013 A. D., when as the MSM would have us believe it, he renounced the papacy.

Numerous scholars for 9 years have studied that text from the points of view of theology, canon law, Latin, grammar, contextual and meta-signification and all conclude that the Renunciation made in it does not conform with the obligations of Canon 332 §2, in such a way as to leave no reasonable doubt that it was valid. And this, because in renouncing the ministerium received from the hands of the Cardinals on the day of his canonical election, Pope Benedict XVI did not renounce duly the petrine munus he received from Christ Jesus when he responded, “Yes”, to the question of the vice-Dean of the College of Cardinals, as to whether he accepted his election.+

There is, in the Catholic Church, now only one way to resolve this doubt, which is no longer an ACADEMIC doubt, that is, one raised by scholars and experts, but which has now become A CANONICAL DOUBT, based on the recorded testimony of an Archbishop of the Roman Church, no less in authority that the personal secretary of Pope Benedict XVI, at the time the Declaratio was written and pronounced!

It has become canonical because,

  1. The existence of errors in the document has been affirmed by what would normally be considered a witness of the highest probity, the Pope’s personal secretary,
  2. Who is, also an Archbishop of the Holy Roman Church

Since errors in the text can in virtue of Canons 40 and 41 give grounds FOR ANY FAITHFUL, CLERGY OR LAY, to continue to regard Pope Benedict XVI as the pope, on account of the canonical principle, Papa renuntiatus dubie, Papa ahuc est, that is, “A Pope who has renounced in a dubious manner, is still the pope”, there is a REAL, LEGAL controversy which is OBJECTIVE, FACTUAL, DOCUMENTED, AND ATTESTED TO in the public forum by scholars and now the Archbishop.*

I call on all the Faithful TO DEMAND, TO INSIST, TO URGE AND TO REQUEST a provincial council of the Roman Province to hear this case and resolve this doubt!

I submit that the present aforesaid conditions make the convocation of the Provincial Council in the Province of Rome opportune as per canon 440 §1, and that such a council is empowered by canon 445 to make a binding declaration regarding ecclesiastical discipline on this mater.

Such a Council can be convoked when the Metropolitan of the Province (in this case, the Bishop of Rome) is impeded as per canon 442, §2, which established in such  case, that one of the Bishops of the Province, elected by the majority of the others, serves in place of the Metropolitan to convoke the Council, as per canon 442 §1.

This impeded status is obtained by the very nature of the controversy, because if Pope Benedict XVI is still the pope, but no longer exercises the ministry of the Apostolic See, then the See is impeded. It is also impeded because if the Faithful do not know wither canonical certitude whom is the true Pope, there will arise confusion in the Church and Catholics will suffer excommunication for adhering to their rights granted in canons 40 and 41, which is ridiculous.

All those convoked to such a Council are bound to attend, canon 444 §1. Those with a deliberative vote, can name a procurator if they cannot attend.

To call such a Council to resolve this Canonical crisis, it is necessary to:

1) Summon Pope Benedict XVI and Jorge Mario Bergoglio as claimants to the Petrine Munus, and invite both to consent to an approve the convocation, though canonically this is not necessary, due to the nature of the controversy, which makes it morally impossible for any Catholic to regard both as legitimate at the same time.

2) Summon and question Archbishop Ganswein and other scholars, as to what are the errors in the Declaratio of Pope Benedict XVI, made on Feb. 13, 2013.

3) As Pope Benedict XVI if it was ever his intention to renounce the Petrine munus, and specifically, whether in renouncing the ministerium he received through the hands of the Cardinals, he ever intended to renounce the munus which he receive from Christ Jesus in the Apostolic Succession.

And thus pronounce on the following controverted questions:

1) Whether that which the Declaratio as written signified in accord with the norms of Canon 17, is sufficient to totally exclude the right of any faithful to have recourse to canons 40 and 41 to hold that the act as an actus nullus, invalid, or irritus, and non existent.

2) Whether Pope Benedict XVI thus must be presumed to hold the Petrine munus, still.

3) And if he does, to pronounce the Conclave of 2013 null, void and un-canonical.

And finally, to put the entire controversy to an end by

Asking Pope Benedict XVI, if he wishes to renounce the petrine munus, to do so in the Council, by the simple phrase: I renounce the petrine munus, which I received on the day I accepted my canonical election as Roman Pontiff.

Such a Council will be of no less importance in the history of the Church as the Council of Sutri held in 1046 A. D., during the week before Christmas. There, in the presence of Saint Hildebrand, 3 claimants to the Papacy were deposed and the way was opened for the election of a legitimate successor to Pope Benedict IX.

The following are all the bishops of Dioceses of the Ecclesiastical Province of Rome, whom I am urging to take this action:

Roma: Impeded — To be summoned: Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis, as well as such dignitaries as Archbishop Ganswein, Archbishop Viganò, and all the Cardinals present on Feb. 11, 2013, for the Consistory.

Albano (Suburbicarian See) — Msgr. Vincenco Viva:

  • Mailing Address: Curia Vescovile, Piazza Vescovile 11, 00041 Albano Laziale [Roma], Italia
  • Telephone: 06.932.68.401
  • Fax: 06.932.38.44

Anagni-Alatri — Msgr. Lorenza Loppa

  • Mailing Address: Curia Vescovile, Via dei Villini 82, 03014 Fiuggi [Frosinone], Italia; Piazzale Acropoli, 03011 Alatri [Frosinone], Italia
  • Telephone: 0775.51.42.14; 0775.43.45.86
  • Fax: 0775.54.71.05

Civita Castellana — Msgr. Romano Rossi

  • Official Web Site:
  • Mailing Address: Curia Diocesana, Piazza Matteotti 27, 01033 Civita Castellana [Viterbo], Italia
  • Telephone: 0761.51.51.52
  • Fax: 0761.59.92.13

Civitavecchia-Tarquinia — Msgr. Gianricco Ruzza

  • Official Web Site:
  • Mailing Address: Piazza Calamatta 1, 00053 Civitavecchia [Roma], Italia; Via Roma 11, 01016 Tarquinia [Viterbo], Italia
  • Telephone: 0766.23.320; 0766.84.08.43
  • Fax: 0766.50.17.96; 0766.85.60.43

Frascati (Suburbicarian See) — Msgr. Raffaello Martinelli (Consecrated and appointed by Pope Benedict XVI)

  • Official Web Site:
  • Mailing Address: Curia Vescovile, Piazza Paolo III 10, 00044 Frascati [Roma], Italia
  • Telephone: 06.942.04.67
  • Fax: 06.940.10.201

Frosinone-Veroli-Ferentino — Msgr. Ambrogio Spreafico

Gaeta (Archdiocese) — Msgr. Luigi Vari

Latina-Terracina-Sezze-Priverno — Msgr. Mariano Crociata

  • Official Web Site:
  • Mailing Address: Vescovado, Via Sezze 16, 04100 Latina, Italia
  • Telephone: 0773.40.68.200
  • Fax: 0773.40.68.202

Montecassino (Territorial Abbey) — in sede vacante, administered by Don Donato Ogliari, OSB

  • Official Web Site:
  • Mailing Address: Abbazia, Via Montecassino, 03043 Cassino [Frosinone], Italia
  • Telephone: 0776.31.15.29

Ostia (Suburbicarian See) — in sede vacante, administered by Cardinal Angelo de Donatis

  • Mailing Address: Vicariato di Roma, Piazza S. Giovanni in Laterano 6/a, 00184 Roma, Italia
  • Telephone:
  • Fax:

Palestrina (Suburbicarian See) — Msgr. Mauro Parmeggiani

  • Official Web Site:
  • Mailing Address: Curia Vescovile, Piazza Gregorio Pantanelli 8, 00036 Palestrina [Roma], Italia
  • Telephone: 06.953.44.28; 06.953.12.045
  • Fax: 06.953.81.16

Porto-Santa Rufina (Suburbicarian See) — Gianricco Ruzza (also of Civitavecchia)

Rieti (-S. Salvatore Maggiore) — in sede vacante

  • Official Web Site:
  • Mailing Address: Vescovado, Via Cintia 83, 02100 Rieti, Italia
  • Telephone: 0746.25.361
  • Fax: 0746.20.02.28

Sabina-Poggio Mirteto (Suburbicarian See) — Msgr. Ernesto Mandara

  • Official Web Site:
  • Mailing Address: Vescovado, Piazza Mario Dottori 14, 02047 Poggio Mirteto [Rieti], Italia
  • Telephone: 0765.24.755; 0765.24.019
  • Fax: 0765.44.10.19

Subiaco (Territorial Abbey) — Abbot Mauro Meacci

Tivoli — Msgr. Mauro Parmeggiani (also of Palestrina)

  • Official Web Site:
  • Mailing Address: Curia Vescovile, Piazza Sant’Anna 2, 00019 Tivoli [Roma], Italia
  • Telephone: 0774.33.52.27; 0774.33.09.42/3
  • Fax: 0774.31.32.98

Velletri-Segni (Suburbicarian See) — Msgr. Stefano Russo,

  • Official Web Site:
  • Mailing Address: Curia Vescovile, Corso della Repubblica 343, 00049 Velletri [Roma], Italia
  • Telephone: 06.963.00.51
  • Fax: 06.961.00.596

Viterbo — Msgr. Lino Fumagalli

  • Official Web Site:
  • Mailing Address: Palazzo Vescovile, Piazza S. Lorenzo 9/a, 01100 Viterbo, Italia
  • Telephone: 0761.34.17.16
  • Fax: 0761.30.60.06


+ At the time of his election, Cardinal Ratzinger was the Dean of the College of Cardinals, so since the holder of that office normally would ask the elected if he accepted his election, I am presuming that the question was asked by the vice-Dean of the College.

** This principal is the contrary of, Papa dubius, Papa nullus est, that is, a doubtful pope is no pope. The logical conversion of this principle, reverses the canonical case from an elected pope to a renounced pope, since the original principal is shorthand for, papa electus dubie, papa electus non est, “a doubtfully elected pope, is not a pope elect.”

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17 thoughts on “Archbishop Ganswein’s admissions require Redress before a Provincial Council of Rome”

  1. Snail’s Pace as usual for the Church. Much prefer the Snail’s Pace to the homo heresy, idolatry and apostacy of Bergoglio.

  2. If Benedict XVI is still the Pope, why not request of him that he remain in office until he dies, as did Pope St. John Paul II?

      1. I wouldn’t blame him for not wanting to do the work in that cesspit but he must be clear about it

  3. I have been posting links to this page on every Catholic Website where I’m not banned. ( = Church Militant)
    I hope every reader will do the same, encouraging other laity to write a tsunami of letters to the 18 addresses given above. And to “cc” your printed letter adapted from Brother’s essay above so that each bishop would be encouraged by seeing that it was sent to every other bishop.

    I also said that foreign stamps, though sacrificially costly, would make our letters to Rome be taken more seriously than emails or even faxes.
    A flood of letters from laity around the world would motivate the Roman Bishops to call, ASAP, this necessary Provincial Council of the Province of Rome to definitively settle whether Benedict or Francis is Pope.

    1. Yes, I assure you that in Italy, a letter on paper with an envelope and stamp is going to be take seriously. And if you send it by Fedex or UPS, then it definitely will be read by the highest authorities. And I think the time is ripe, since Bergoglio is an invalid and his crazy religion is now known to all. Also, more than 50% of these bishops were appointed before Bergoglio, so they are not necessarily in his camp.

      1. “….his crazy religion is now known to all.”

        A young man, 28 years old and not even Catholic, said this to my husband the other day. Proves your point.

        It should be especially noted that non- Catholics, every where, realize this, but the supposed faithful persist in defending it and debating it.

  4. In my support of Pope BenedictXVI to be the honest and worthy Pope of the Catholic Church, I am watering a tree in the garden of the Virgin Mary, which is my Offering and Duty.

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